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CANTON, OH – Many years ago, an idea of a game played 53 yards wide, and 100 yards long came into existence. As the game grew and we wanted to achieve more just by being more involved with this game we now call football.

One of the pinnacle accomplishments in your career is to get the knock from Mr. David Baker welcoming you to the Temple of Football, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As we rest our heads at night, as young boys with footballs in our hands, our bodies create visions of what it would be like when you get enshrined in Canton Ohio.

This past weekend, members of the 2020 and 2021 class were welcomed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as their names will be remembered forever. Starting with the game on Thursday, with the league’s most iconic franchises in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys facing off against one another.

As we start a new NFL season again with a full crowd on hand, we are reminded on what we experienced these last 18 months. Steeler fans had the highest attendance from what I’ve seen especially with having four enshrinees. With the return of Hall of Fame festivities; the whole town of Canton was buzzing with excitement as their town was on the national spotlight again in the beginning of August.

We saw repeats of football history as each name was called into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

From the 1975 Hail Mary, the beginnings of “the catch, no catch!” controversy, and finally “Omaha!”, many memories have been recreated. With the uncertainty of Troy Polamulu’s appearance for Saturday Night is like seeing a player on an injury report before a weekly showdown with their opponents.

As we celebrated more football history these past few days, we’ll see what is written in the next chapter of football history. The reunion from the previous Hall of Famers welcoming the newest enshrines was a site to see.

With all the Gold Jackets that were on hand I’m surprised Happy Gilmore wasn’t in site.

One thing for certain is that you won’t see Shooter McGavin ever in the Pro Football Hall of Fame with a Gold Jacket. As another NFL season begins with the quest for the Lombardi, how will this upcoming season impact future Hall of Fame careers. Does Tom Brady get number eight? Will Aaron Donald get another Defensive Player of the Year? Do either Adrian Peterson or Larry Fitzgerald get signed?

Can Aaron Rodger’s relationships with upper management in Green Bay be restored? Will Patrick Mahomes be the next quarterback to be a part of a dynasty? There are many more questions regarding more future hall of famers but those are a few that I have right now.

No matter who your favorite team is you’ll see a future gold jacket on your team. Whether they’re on your team now or in the future they join your team in the future via draft or free agency, there is a gold jacket out there waiting to be worn by the next member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.



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