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Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook plays second-fiddle to no one

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The question has finally been answered, “Who’s team is this”? There was no debate to be settled on the court or the locker room thanks in large part to Kevin Durant bolting in Free Agency, but now we know, just like he knows, the Oklahoma City Thunder are Russell Westbrook’s team.

That’s a scary thought for anyone to take in but now more than ever the Thunder will need him, need him to do what he does best, play basketball. Stephen Curry is a great shooter and ball handler, but he doesn’t have THAT drive that Russ has. The world’s been telling Curry that he’s the best for the past two season whereas Westbrook has earned his respect the hard way.

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Name another PG in the league that can average a triple-double if he was to truly put his mind to it. The problem was while he flirted with it the last two seasons he may not have a choice this year. His partner is gone, the offensive side of the ball is his to dominate even with newly acquired Victor Oladipo there.

Before you think I am out of my mind here are Westbrook’s numbers from the last two seasons:

2014-15: 28/9/7

2015-16: 24/10/8

Still, think it can’t be done? Still, think MVP is out of the question? Mind you, those numbers were with Durant and as you can see he has improved EVERY season. With Durant gone and Westbrook given the green light, we could witness one of the best performances since Oscar Robertson. It’s not just his game that does the talking; it’s his demeanor. Westbrook has this me against the world mentality that very few have and with him feeling a bit slighted by Durant’s leaving and being snubbed on the MVP he will unleash his frustrations out on the NBA in 2016.

Call him what you want, selfish, brash and an ego-maniac but he is a baller in every sense of the word. What Westbrook brings to the court every night is pure adrenaline and excitement. His face shows signs of focus and while his shot selection may be off-base at times he has that Kobe mentality that every shot will go in.

The Warriors may be favorites to win the West, but that is to be expected when you have the Rio Olympics squad as your starting 5. But Westbrook is out to take the throne from those he feels were never deserving of it.

Westbrook for MVP is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

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