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Oklahoma City Thunder: Welcome Back! Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

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Remember when the Oklahoma City Thunder were left for dead? When the news of Kevin Durant’s injury hit, the fans in Oklahoma City felt their hearts drop. Luckily, they had Russell Westbrook to carry them, but we all know what happened there.

Now, it seems Oklahoma City can breathe a sigh of relief, because the boys are back in town.

Yes, it’s true both Westbrook and Durant have returned for the Thunder. They couldn’t have come back at a better time for the team as the sported a lowly 5-12 record without their services together.

Hopefully, the return of the duo will be enough to get the Thunder rolling in the right direction, and this might be the deepest Oklahoma City team we have ever seen. The absence of Durant and Westbrook has enabled players like Reggie Jackson, Lance Thomas, Jeremy Lamb and Serge Ibaka to take on bigger roles.

The experience they have gained can, and will, go a long way for the team come playoff time.

The biggest beneficiary might be Reggie Jackson who could become the second coming of James Harden. While Jackson might command the ball more than one would like, he possess a great ability to pass the ball and find his teammates.

Imagine Westbrook, Jackson and Durant on the court together. If the three can develop cohesion on the court then the team could easily match any big three the league have to offer.That’s also not counting Serge Ibaka, whom has proven he is as good defending the ball as he is scoring it.

So, how did the Thunder look with the entire team back together?

Well, they looked a lot better. Durant scored 27 points and Westbrook put together a great stat line of 21 points, six rebounds and seven assists. While the team wasn’t able to secure a victory, as they lost 104-112 to the New Orleans Pelicans, there is certainly room for growth.

This was the first time the full team has played together this season, and once the Thunder gets rolling there might be no stopping them.

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