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Opinion: Are we witnessing the death of American Democracy?

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Is America dying?  The once proud country that espoused equality for all is dying due to a lack of equality for its citizens.  On one end you have the status quo, the people that want to remain in control and in power, due to their position of being the majority.  On the opposite end are the different minorities that have put up with the oppression from the majority.  For them enough is enough.

It is not just majority vs. minority either.  You have conflicts between the so-called ‘Greatest’ generation and Baby Boomers against the Millennials. These older generations love to blame the Millennials for the ills of the country when in fact is was the older generations that created a situation where the Millennials will be the first generation in American history to not be better off than their predecessors.  The older generations love to call the Millennials lazy but it was these older generations that outsourced jobs creating a service economy that is based upon retails sales, that in turn creates lower paying wages.

The manufacturing jobs that helped to create a thriving middle class have been significantly reduced.  As a result, the Millennials have had to be particularly creative in starting up new job ideas in order to survive in our changing world.

Generational conflict is not the only problem that we are facing.  We are seeing fighting within our parties like we have never seen before.  The rise of the Tea Party has created within its ranks angry White Americans that are insecure about their position as the majority in America and so they see anyone who does not agree with them as a traitor.  They like to think of themselves as members of the Republican Party, but they attack the established Republican leadership.  If they see any Republican working with a Democrat in a compromise in order to pass a bill they refer to them as a traitor. These are not your Reagan Republicans and in fact would slander Ronald Reagan with the term, RINO, which means “Republican in name only”.

The Left also has their own extremism.  The Occupy Wall Street movement was the Lefts answer to the Tea Party.  There have also been other movements that have sprung up within the Left as well.  I will not mention their names because it will be seen as I am against them and I can be attacked for it.

All of these movements have the same problem where the people do not want to compromise and in a Democracy where there can be no more compromise, Democracy dies.

With the status quo changing and everyone jockeying for position to see who will be in control to steer our nation, this has put us in a precarious position as a country.  Will the US continue to progress and help give rights to minorities groups that were now allowed to previously, or will we regress back to a pass where minority groups were not given the rights that we all should have?

The Tea Party has worked very hard to take away the Civil Rights of other groups. They call groups like Black Lives Matters terrorists, look at all Latinos as possible undocumented or illegal, and look at Muslims as terrorists as well.  They have a fear of anything that is not White and Christians and conforms to their religious world view.  They say that they want the country to be ruled by the Constitution and yet they are trying to make Christianity the official religion of the United States as well as make English the official language.

A look at our nation’s past will see that various colonies had official languages.  Some of them spoke English, some Dutch, some Spanish, and some even French.  So before the US was formed, different colonies had different official languages.

Also the US was founded with the premise of not having an official religion.  How can a nation believe in the freedom of religion as laid out in the First Amendment and yet have an official religion?  So everyone can be taxed and have their money to go support a religion that they might or might not be a member of?

The USA is a country founded upon immigration.  The USA since its inception has always been seen as a beacon of hope to people around the world.  The State of Liberty says upon it, “Give me your tired, your poor, yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door”. This is seen as the symbol for America and as you can see it is inclusive of everyone.  Everyone has the chance to come to America and be successful, but to the Tea Party and the Donald Trump supporters this is only for people from Christian Western Europe.

The fear of immigrants has increased due to the blustering rhetoric of Donald Trump.  He has taken America’s problems that have caused the fears of White America and has become the presumptive nominee of the American party.  This is a man that has made disparaging and racial remarks against many ethnic and religious groups, from calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, to saying that Muslims are terrorists and that Islam hates America”.  He has called for Muslims to be placed in a registration system mirroring Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Trump has based his entire campaign on building a wall that he says he will make Mexico pay for.  The Donald believes that by building this grand wall that people will stop coming to the USA illegally.  He does not consider that people can come by boat or dig tunnels.  He has used the fear of Syrian refugees as another premise to not allow refugees here because they might be a Muslim and a terrorist.  So despite the fact that the world is facing its absolute worst refugee crisis since the end of WWII, Trump refuses to accept refugees into America.

This is a problem due to America’s culpability by starting a war in Iraq based on faulty intel that led to the destabilization of the region.  The Obama regime under the direction of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State gave weapons and funding to the Libyan rebels that outed Pres. Qaddafi.  After this mission was accomplished these rebels were then sent to Syria with weapons, funding, training, and experience and grew to be known as what is now ISIS.

The creation of ISIS has created a monster within the Middle East that everyone is trying to flee.  ISIS has no borders and is collecting supporters globally.  People will be a lone-wolf that will pledge its support to ISIS and then go on a rampage.  As a result, Americans are terrified that at any time an ISIS sympathizer can do a terrorist attack in the USA.

A major conflict that is occurring within the USA is between the police and the civilians.  This is an even larger dynamic with the Black community and the police.  The police are seen as the instrument of oppression from a system that has controlled and enslaved Blacks for over 400 years.  When unarmed Blacks are seen on camera phones getting killed by the police, it is seen as a modern day lynching.  The police are seen as the soldiers for the White Supremacists.

This in turn creates conflicts between Whites and Blacks.  This is one of the largest problems that America is facing as a whole.  People from all over the world know that Black Americans are oppressed and are talking about the demonstrations with Black Lives Matter.  However, it seems that there is a deception at play.

Within 24 hours of the two Blacks getting killed last week, there was a 17-year-old Mexican man and a 19-year-old Caucasian man that were killed by police in California.  Both were unarmed.  So my question is this, why is the media always talking about when unarmed Blacks are killed but never when it involved other ethnic groups?  Are they trying to cause problems between the Whites and the Blacks?  It sure seems like it and now you have extremists Whites and Blacks calling for a ‘race war’, something that they have wanted to happen for decades.

One must wonder if a country that has so many conflicts within its borders can survive?  America has had its problems in the past and has become stronger for it.  However, this time seems different.  Now we have a candidate that espouses every minority group’s worst fears.  A man that if he takes office will have no need for the Constitution and will become a dictator.  We have groups on both sides that refuse to compromise.  There are also people willing to use violence and kill innocent civilians and police.

I’m going to be honest with you, I am not sure America can survive.  For sure if Trump is elected it will be our demise as a nation, but I think that the reputation caused to the USA on the international seen is irreparable.  We are seen as both bullies and butchers overseas and now at home.  Other countries look at horror at American police brutality.  In the last week alone, 3 countries have issued travel warnings to the USA and more are sure to follow.

Without the trust of other countries and people losing faith in us to leave, then we start losing economically.  Once this happens then the USD is bound to collapse.  If that happens then we will lose what America once was and what could’ve been.  Most of this can be blamed to racism.  Isn’t that a damn shame?

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