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Opinion: What The Dallas Cowboys’ Faithful Needs to Do


(October 11, 2014 - Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America)
(October 11, 2014 – Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America)

This writer posted a Facebook status saying if my Dallas Cowboys beat the Seattle Seahawks, I’d gladly kiss the floor.  It wasn’t as sweet as my first kiss, but it was worth it after Dallas dominated the defending Super Bowl champs.

The score may have been 30-23, but do not be fooled ladies and gentlemen. The ‘Boys demolished the ‘Hawks, period!

First, take away 17 of the Seahawks points. The two touchdowns they got from special teams screwups by Dallas and the field goal from the Tony Romo fumble.  Now, that’s not to say that Seattle cheated or didn’t score those points. But, anyone who watches football consistently will tell you that blocked punts for touchdowns are uncommon. As are muffed punts.

They aren’t rare because they happen every year, but they don’t happen week-to-week or even to every team. A team is lucky to have one in a season let alone two.  The Romo fumble is more likely to happen, but again, it was something the Cowboys gave to the Seahawks. So, assume those points don’t happen.

The Cowboys beat the Seahawks 30-6. That’s a beat down.  No question about it.

The Dallas Cowboys went into the ultimate noisemaker stadium against the defending Super Bowl champions and stole their lunch money so to speak.

So, what does all of this mean for the Cowboys going forward?

I’ve been a fan/writer of them for close to seven years now. I’ve never seen the team as good as this. The 2007 team was almost like this, but routine Flozell Adams false starts, holds by Marc Columbo and Leonard Davis, an injured Kyle Kosier, and erratic snaps by Andre Gurode would stall, annihilate, and embarrass offensive drives almost every game.

This line is even better. Tyron Smith, Ronald Leary, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, and Doug Free aren’t committing six-ten penalties every game. They aren’t committing them back-to-back to end drives before they even start and it’s incredible to watch a team that’s greatest flaw was mental mistakes become a group of savants.

They probably don’t know calculus, but they know how to follow the rules and not make too many mistakes.  Three consecutive 8-8 seasons and a tough December ahead make me and my fellow fans try to keep a distance and not get our hopes up.

I’ve heard one friend say until they prove otherwise, they are 8-8 to him. He has said it every week.  Poor thing doesn’t want to get so excited and then get crushed. I understand where he’s coming from but…maybe it’s time to be excited.

This isn’t 2011-2013. This isn’t the same group of guys with same coaches, same personnel errors, same timeout burners, and goofups.

This defeat of the Seahawks shows that the Cowboys’ lone loss to the 49ers was the fluke, not the winning streak they have had since then. This record is not a product of fortuitous events and an easy schedule, but rather an evolving team of misfits and guys who were graded as poor personnel decisions, busts, liabilities, and draft reaches.

This team sounds almost like one of the rapscallion Oakland Raider teams from the 70s/80s.

Ironic since linebacker Rolando McClain was considered a Raider draft bust and is now a Comeback Player of the Year candidate.

I think it’s time to start believing in this team again. To not turn on our TVs and think, “Will they blow it?” To not think there’s going to be a Romo interception or a busted coverage or a diva receiver demanding the ball.

It’s time to see this team as they are. Tied for first against hated rival the Philadelphia Eagles and a legitimate playoff contender. Granted, they could lose 10 straight and be 5-11 and bottom of the East.

But, it’s time to stop expecting that and just watch the games with hope again. I know it’s dangerous. That word…hope.

It can drive a man insane even when he isn’t in The Shawshank Redemption but it’s time to think with a positive hope. They can beat this team. They can win this game. Romo can make the correct play. The defense can make that stop. Get excited again.

Get pumped at what this team is doing and not stare up at the sky waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This is what we all have been wishing for my fellow Cowboys fans. It’s time we enjoyed it.

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