Donald Trump recently told a group of California farmers in the Delta Valley that there is no drought in California.  He instead blamed the drought on the Delta Smelt fish which is an endangered species.

Only one of these fishes have been found in the wild since 2008.

As a result, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has opened up a fish hatchery near Shasta Dam in Redding, CA. After the fish were given protective status, close to 5,000 farmers have lost their jobs.  These farmers who had no skills to find other work, are displaced workers and are angry for their plight.

They blame the fish for the lack of water being used in the Delta Valley when in fact California has been in a severe drought. To anyone reading this, especially Donald Trump fans, there can be no doubt that California is in a severe drought.  I am from Redding, California, the home of Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam; as well as Whiskeytown Lake.  We can See Mt. Shasta very clearly from where we live.

For several years, Mt. Shasta has lacked a snow pack which runs into Shasta Lake feeding water to the Sacrament River and is the main source for water in California. Shasta Lake was down to 23% capacity before the current el Nino finally brought much needed rain to California.  Shasta Lake was not the only lake depleted of water.  Lake Oroville was down to 17-18% capacity.

The lakes are not the only obvious signs of a severe drought.  Many trees in California has suffered as well.  There has been irreparable damage to the Giant Redwood trees.  Other trees show the signs of permanent damage.  This damage was caused by the dry season which helped to contribute to many of the fires that plagued California in 2015.

How can we trust Donald Trump to be president when he speaks about matters that he has no clue about?  The man says he has solutions for the problems, but he has no clue as to what the real problems are facing Americans.  This is a man whose entire campaign has been based upon using minority groups as scapegoats in order to gain the mostly White, racist, and misinformed vote.

These are people that are mostly uneducated and in fact despise educated people.

They frequently rant about liberal education systems and like to blame ‘liberal’ college professors for the demise of America. I do not expect any of Trump’s followers to care that Trump lied about the drought like he has lied about everything else during his campaign.  This is a man who will mock a disabled man in public and then deny he was doing it.  The media knows that he is lying but they just go along with it.

He needs to be made culpable for his lies.

Trump knows who he is catering too.  He said it himself that he loves the uneducated. This is because he knows that these are the people that do not have the skills in order to critically think and would much rather listen to a conspiracy theory propagated by Alex Jones instead of reading an academic journal about a subject.  Donald Trump lives off of spreading conspiracy theories starting with the birther conspiracy.  He is a frequent guest of Alex Jones, who has been very vocal in Trump’s run for the presidency.

For anyone who does not believe me that California has suffered and is still suffering from a severe drought, I say come visit Redding, California.  Google about Shasta Lake and the effects of the drought.  Look at the many pictures that have been taken of the lake.  If you are still skeptical and believe that it is from not opening the water, well where is it?  Look at pictures of Mt. Shasta and how it has been lacking a snow pack.  Most fresh water begins with snow packs.  I believe that Donald Trump is not intellectual enough to understand this.  As a matter of fact, if Donald Trump was willing to come to Redding, I would gladly show him the effects of the drought.