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Opinion: Thanks To Ashley Madison Hack, The Religious Right’s Hypocrisy Finally Exposed

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There is schadenfreude, and then there is schadenfreude, thanks to the recent Ashley Madison data breach that exposed the names of high-profile names of the Religious Right such as “family values” activist and reality TV star, Joshua Duggar.

Schadenfreude which is the German word that translates as “happiness at the misfortune of others” is the word that can best describe the amount of collective happiness and joy that many who have suffered under the hot-air Bible-beating, pro-life anti-gay messages, Christian conservatives have hoisted upon American society for the last 30-plus years.

Duggar, star of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” who was the executive director of DC-based non-profit political action and lobbying firm, The Family Research Council, that promoted traditional Christian family values and is against same-sex marriage, was classified as a anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, per GLAAD.com.

Duggar would resign from FRC after allegations surfaced that he molested four of his female siblings, which led to TLC cancelling his family’s show. Clearly, this proved to be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to a recent data hack on the cheating and infidelity website, AshleyMadison.com that confirmed that Duggar had—not one, but two—paid accounts, the blindly loyal, holier-than-thou Christian “religious right” have been exposed for what they truly are.

Pious, ignorant, Bible-beating hypocritical charlatans, whose real motto is, do as we SAY, not as WE do.

What makes this the proverbial cherry on top for the non-white “non-Christians” and “patriots” such as minorities, gays/lesbians and women is that Duggar has been the one of the most prominent WASP male faces behind the Religious Right’s ruthless guerrilla culture war against those who don’t believe in anything other than the fact that Obama is a Kenya-born closet socialist anti-American hating Muslim, obsessively persecuting Hillary Clinton for the Lewinsky affair, Benghazi and Server-gate and that a raging misogynist and sexist blowhard such as Donald Trump may be their BEST shot at reclaiming the White House in 2016.

Duggar is the latest in a LONG line of so-called Christian conservatives that espoused and talked a big game about “family values” “protecting the sanctity of marriage”…or God’s union or whatever else theological spiel they see fit to keep their low-information and under-educated lemmings—er, I mean voter base—brainwashed thanks to their own propaganda network of lies, Fox News.

As a fellow Christian(Roman Catholic) I am all about being accepting of all races, creeds and cultures in God’s warm embrace. What really burns my proverbial bacon is when you hear and see so-called “Christians” such as Duggar, two-time mother to-be in abstinence advocate Bristol Palin(who tried to attack ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham), the proverbial hellspawn of sometime, wanna-be politician in Sarah Palin, Sam Rader(who?), Baton Rouge councilman Ryan Heck, who said that he created a AM account as “a joke”(right!) as well as other possible top-level Republicans who may have been “playing around on the ‘Net” have perennially pranced around on their pious high horse for so long.

Thanks to the Ashley Madison hack, the public got an early Christmas present, and Democrats can bash Republicans with and call out the “religious right” forevermore when they decide to open up their lying sewer-filled mouths of lies.

It’s not too often that such a data leak such as Ashley Madison manages to make Watergate AND the Hollywood Madame leak look like child’s play, then again none of those contained such high-level political and public officials of a certain party that has always tried to pride themselves and being for “real Americans”, right?

Yes, infidelity in politics is as common as broken campaign promises and back-handed strong-arm deals a la Frank Underwood on both sides of the aisle, but the GOP’s “house of cards” is beginning to show a few cracks as “family values” and “protecting the sanctity of marriage” are issues that are as hollow to them as what will be the rest of their bank accounts after their trophy wives divorce them.

In what will be a matter of time that die-hard Fox News viewers passionately come to the “defense” of Duggar as a vulnerable target by the atheist and evil non-Christian-controlled “lamestream media”, the so-called No.1 cable news network that claims to be“fair and balanced” is likely running damage control and will probably be running a bit slow on their programming and editing as they are in pre-production script approval meetings with Duggar apologist and world-class Gumby-like contortionist, Mick Huckabee.

Before they even think of doing such a foolish thing, they may want to check themselves and their own glass house of two-faced house of lies and be sure that Duggar stays offline indefinitely and that Bristol goes on the pill first.

In this case, the religious right is clearly in the wrong.

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