We are living in a time that is so extreme, that if it does not drive you mad then you are not sane.

On March 22, 2016, a tragedy stuck Belgium. Several bombs were set off around Brussels; two in their airport, the other in their train station. Suicide bombers used explosive vests packed with nails to terrorize the populace, causing the dead of 32 citizens and injuring over 300 more.

As with any tragedy that happens to a predominately white and Western nation, the whole world mourned. People who could not even find Belgium on the map outlined their Facebook profile pictures with a Belgium flag in solidarity with the Belgium victims that suffered in this attack in similar fashion with people outlining their Facebook profile pictures with the French flag when similar terrorist attacks happened in France.

There is nothing wrong with standing in solidarity with the Belgium and the French, as a humanity we should all be appalled when terrorism strikes and stand in opposition to it. However, ethnically Western people that live in the Western world only show solidarity when the attacks take place in a predominately White Western European country, you do not see this phenomenon when attacks take place in other societies, why is that?

Since Belgium was attacked, there has been a suicide bombing inside of a mosque in Lahore Pakistan where close to 30 people died. There was very little of any media coverage. Also there has been attacks in Turkey, and in a soccer stadium in Iraq killing 18. Where is the media outrage and the support for the victims in these circumstances?

The answer I believe lies in Operation Mockingbird, a CIA stratagem started in the 1950’s in order to control both domestic and international media to give the news according to what is best for CIA interests. The CIA gives producers news stories that they want pushed based upon the info that is given to them.

The CIA also put journalists into places around the world into areas of influence. It was not just television journalism as well. It is believed that every major print source, including Rolling Stone and Time Magazine had been infiltrated and influenced by the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird campaign.

As a result, it made it easy for the USA to have foreign police that is really expansionist in nature, go into other countries, create a narrative about that country, allowing for military intervention to take place while telling the world that they were removing a dictator when in fact they were putting leaders into place that would be more friendly to American corporate interests.

America did not really want to see these countries have democracy, as can be seen by the USA supporting people that actually lost election in foreign countries, instead the USA wanted to create corporatocracies, allowing corporation to cease control and influence within these nation-states. Using the local populace as cheap labor, while preventing the need for the USA to send as much aid to these countries.

Sending monetary aid to these countries is seen as a threat. Since they are sovereign nations, they can use the aid how they see fit. By dictating the money that goes to the American corporations, the terms in which aid money is given, and using high interest, America is able to subjugate these nations under their authority while keeping Americans in the dark about what America is doing outside of her borders.

Keeping Americans ignorant to what is happening is key to driving an economy that is based upon war. The annual budget given to the Pentagon is high enough that the world can be rebuilt. Instead of creating businesses however and opportunity, the businessmen who profit of off war love war because of how much money is made.

Keeping people fearful of each other, and distrustful, by painting a narrative that Muslims only kill Western Christians, that Muslims are not terrorized or attacked by these terrorists, it allows for the people that are profiting off of the blood of innocents to keep doing so.

It is unacceptable for human blood to be shed anywhere. Whether it is in New York City, Baghdad, Istanbul, Brussels, Tunisia, Lagos, or anywhere in the world, whenever innocents are killed it is unacceptable. We as a human community should stand up to this. We have the right as individuals to have good governance, that we have leaders in place that care about the human condition. To have people looking out for our best interest, because this is not the case

An example is given in that a study by Harvard and Yale found that most health problems in the USA is caused by poor eating habits, such as eating too much meat can be dangerous for them. Oprah Winfrey found out about this report and told her viewers that eating too much could be dangerous for them, she was sued by the meat industry. So by trying to educate people that maybe they should eat less meat, she was sued by the meat industry for giving her opinion.

Another example is with Haliburton and GMOs. Even though it has been found that Haliburton is using GMOs that are harmful to humans due to using pesticides in GMO foods, laws were passed preventing Haliburton from being able to get sued.

Also, the American scientist must go into fields where his services are needed. Since research is generally funded by the government most of the research money is not spent looking for cures for cancer, instead it is used to create better weapons that can be used to kill more people. This is a problem.

The USA was concerned that if they ever had to use nuclear weapons in places such as Saudi Arabia that they would destroy the oil infrastructure, so they were used to develop the Neutron bomb that will kill people but keep infrastructure in place. This is the type of madness that we are living in, this is unacceptable for the human condition.

When the largest money making economy in the world is alcohol, tobacco and narcotics, and the second largest economy is weapons then there is a problem. They keep the people drugged up and drunk and supply weapons to them, what do you think will happen. Of course it is a disaster. A brief look at Chicago will show the insanity of this thinking.

When I was in Tunisia so many people asked me why do Americans want to kill all of the Arabs and Muslims, and I would say that we don’t. However, the narrative from Western media which is seen overseas says a different story. When you have Anne Coulter and others on Fox News saying to forcefully convert all Muslims to Christianity beginning with their leaders and if they do not convert, then kill them. This helps the American war economy.

Obviously Daa’ish is a very evil group that is killing many innocent people. They cut the heads off of people who disagree with them, torch opposition alive, and commit the most heinous acts against people. This group needs to be stopped. My question is, why are they using American weapons? Why are their trucks made in America being seen used by Daa’ish. How do they get American weapons? Would Daa’ish be able to stabilize the Middle East without the use of these American weapons? I do not think so.

So we should see who benefits from these wars. Who is profiteering, and shut them down. We need to realize that the deaths of any innocents anywhere around the world is an attack on all of humanity. By recognizing attacks outside of the Western world we are showing the rest of the world that we recognize them as equals in humanity. By ignoring it then we allow these warmongers to continue pushing a narrative that all Muslims are dangerous and only Westerners are victims.

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