Pandemic bed death is totally a thing, and here’s how to combat it.

The novel coronavirus has literally changed everything. It’s changed our lives as we know it, how we interact with the public, and how we interact with our families. It’s created an entirely new paradigm that few of us have the skills to cope with in a healthy way— which means we’re turning towards some bad habits that can not only cause issues with our mental health, but also our physical health— not to mention completely destroy a sex drive.

Sure, plenty of people have chosen to take sexual stimulants, like Power Caps, or a number of other popular supplements from sites like— and while these folks have seen some pretty great results, there could be more that can be done. Like using helpful sexual supplements in conjunction with some easy lifestyle changes. Ones that can help circumvent pandemic penile and pudendum dysfunction while helping you live a more happy and productive life. Even during a pandemic.

Find Ways to De-Stress

Stress and awesome sex go together about as well as toothpaste and orange juice. It’s not a winning combination, so it’s pretty understandable that more and more people are starting to report the death of their libidos thanks to lockdown. Especially because pandemic stress is a special type of stress that few people have ever really dealt with. Having a constant, underlying, low-key stressor— like fear of illness, worry for your family, or frustrations over lockdown measures— can wreak havoc on more than just your sex drive. It can actually cause something called general adaptation syndrome if you’re not careful to unplug every so often.

Figure out how it is that you best disconnect yourself from your stressors and plug-in to happy moments that are happening right now. The practice of being present can definitely help fight off some of these pandemic woes, and get your head back in the game.

Get Some Down Time From Your Family

Being with your partner, or your kids, 24/7 is overwhelming. It just is, and there’s no shame in admitting that, especially if you’re used to a much more dynamic schedule. While most people internalize this and toss in some unnecessary and unfair guilt, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have some alone time. Whether it was your time at the office, your commute, or your lunch breaks— chances are your schedule from the before time allotted you some very important “me time”. You have to find a way to get that back.

And, you have to ensure that your partner gets the same. You will both need to find time for yourselves, which means that one of you will probably need to handle the household while the other tends to some self-care with zero distractions. Ensure that you’re both making time for this practice at minimum a few times a week.

Eat Better

Binge eating, or worse, binge drinking is one of the ways that a huge majority of us are primed to deal with these new and long-lasting stressors that the pandemic environment has brought us. If you find yourself choosing crappy snacks, wine, beer, or some other less than healthy habit more often than usual— you’re probably binging. Binge eating or drinking isn’t necessarily heralded by shoving an entire cake in your face, or downing a whole 12-pack to yourself, instead it can be characterized by eating or drinking unusually large amounts of foods we know aren’t healthy, and then feeling guilty about it.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem have all been found to be culprits of this type of behavior— which can not only dampen a sex drive, but can also set you up for some lasting health problems later on down the road. Find a way to curb these unhealthy habits, normalize, and rarify them. Recognize that you are doing it, try and swap out for foods or drinks that are better, and definitely talk to someone about it. Either a pro, or your partner.

Boost Intimacy

Sex doesn’t actually equal intimacy, and intimacy doesn’t really mean sex. While these two concepts can be symbiotic— as in one can help to improve the other. There are tons of ways to boost intimacy in the post-lockdown world, with one of the easiest being just talking to your partner. Ask them about their day, even if you felt like you were present for the entire time. Check in with them and be curious about their individual experiences during this time. When you wind up spending 24/7 with someone and sharing household duties in ways that you’ve never before experienced, it’s pretty easy to fall into the “roommate” trap. Where your interpersonal relationship becomes much more platonic and a whole lot less passionate.

Spend some time cuddling your partner, giving them little shoulder rubs or back massages. Bathe with one another, give them a loving peck once in a while. Promoting these types of intimate interactions could help boost both of your libidos and remind each other that there is sensuality in your relationship.

Try a Natural Aphrodisiac

There are a number of incredible natural aphrodisiacs that can not only be playful and fun (think chocolate dipped strawberries, or extravagant oysters), but could also help supplement some of the vitamins and minerals your pandemic diet isn’t offering. Many sexual stimulants include certain B vitamins, amino acids, or other types of macros that your body really needs to have the energy and motivation to not only get you through the day, but to come out with enough extra energy to get busy too.

Always talk with your doctor before starting any new medication or supplement, but don’t be afraid to consider trying something new and exciting. You might just be surprised at how your body reacts to just having a bit more energy.



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