New Jersey artist Nac is not only bringing lyrics back into modern Hip Hop but also bringing back meaning and passion. With every project, Nac creates there is a strong focus on the message, as well as the quality. Nac has been writing and recording music since 2010. But more recently, Nac has been taking a different approach when it comes to his music and brand.

Nac does not shy away from taking the listener down various sub-genres of Hip Hop to get his point across. Within the album topics of loneliness and suicide are apparent. Nac uses these topics to relate to the listener has they listen to his struggles with loneliness and suicide.

But “I Am Error” would not be the end of Nac. This would be just the beginning of Nac’s career as he would go on to create his next full-length album released in early 2021 titled, “The Midnight Album”.  “The Midnight Album” continued with Nac’s subject matter of loneliness and suicide. But Nac’s would truly open up on this album and by not holding back anything.

“The Midnight Album by New Jersey artist Nac is a story of growth, self-awareness, and acceptance. Nac holds nothing back, discussing family issues, struggles with mental health, and the overall notion of feeling like the black sheep” a quote from Tyler Baisden from NewFireMusic. When describing “The Midnight Album’ in an article on RapFiesta writer Mackenzie Jerks said “Usually, combining hard-hitting beats, intense rap, and various sounds from other media outlets can overwhelm a listener. However, Nac meshes seemingly incompatible noises and transforms them into songs that stand out from the rest.”

As Nac’s music career continues, he is consistently putting out quality music with strong and passionate ideas and/or stories. Nac is currently planning on releasing another project in late 2021. But before that project is released, he is working on visuals for “The Midnight Album”. Nac is not your average modern-day Hip Hop artist. In this day and age, Hip Hop artists seem to focus more on “clout” and money. While Nac is focusing on his lyrical ability and message behind every single project.

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