Whether you’re in the middle of a pending divorce, separation, co-parenting or trying to be a single parent, having the best family law options for child custody is essential. With more and more couples filing for divorce or deciding to co-parent separately the emotional and psychological welfare of  children that are from their union takes paramount over everything else.

According to the website, Child Custody Coach—via stats from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), divorces and cases ruling in favor of mother’s is very common, “According to more recent U.S. Census Bureau divorce statistics, about 2.5 million people get divorced each year.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), nearly 75 percent of all child custody awards are made to the mother. Only about 10 percent of child custody awards are made to fathers. The rest of the child custody awards involve some sort of joint custody arrangement.

According to the Census Bureau, parents who owe child support are more likely to pay the ordered child support if they either share custody of or have visitation rights with their children.”

And as if being a single father and man in the Age of #MeToo is challenging enough, per the website, Divorce Lawyers For Men, the chances of being granted sole custody of a child are slim to none.

  • Fathers are granted custody only 18.3% of the time
  • Mothers are awarded child support nearly 2 times as often as fathers are
  • Fathers are awarded nearly 10% less, on average, in child support
  • Fathers receive less of the awarded child support than mothers
  • 69% of people surveyed  believe that having a father in the home is essential to a child’s happiness
  • More than 25% of fathers live apart from their children
  • Only 10% of nonresident fathers help their children with their homework
  • Nearly 60% of fathers who do not get custody, speak to their children on the phone 4 times a month or less
  • Over 25% of fathers who do not get custody, have zero in-person visits with their children each year
  • Nearly all (97%) of the fathers surveyed agree that the rewards of being a parent are worth the costs/work that go into it

So whether you’re a single father trying to get full custody of your child, or fighting for your parental rights, retaining legal counsel such as New South Wales-based family law firm Prime Lawyers represent you. In what will be a long and hard fight, emotionally, psychologically and emotionally having the best attorneys on your side will make it worth being near and dear in your children’s heart.

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