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Travel: There Is More To Vegas Than Ever Before

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When people think of Las Vegas, they will automatically think of the glitz and glamour, the epic casinos, luxurious hotels and exciting live shows, but there’s more to this place than meets the eye. As well as everything you’d expect, from hearing about Sin City many times over the years, there’s also a lot more going on, making it the ideal destination for everyone, even if you are on a budget.

Therefore, whether you know exactly what you want or looking for something completely new, Vegas is the place to be.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Now, everybody will have heard of skydiving, and many of those people will have been put off by having to hop into an airplane to experience it. So, what about if there was a way to experience the thrilling sensation of skydiving in a fun indoor facility? That’s precisely what’s provided at Vegas Indoor Skydiving, one of the area’s hottest attractions. Visitors will be able to experience the adrenaline-inducing action whether they are beginners or experts, and group bookings are also available. It’s the perfect way to float, fly and free fall through the air, with wind speeds of up to 120mph.

Rio Zipline

Now, we mentioned the luxurious hotels Vegas has to offer earlier, and while they’re very enjoyable, how does ziplining between two of them sound? Well, that’s what guests can do when they take on the Rio Zipline, which will see them go from the top of Rio’s 50-story Masquerade tower to the Ipanema tower. The ride, which lasts for 70 seconds, offers an exhilarating experience like no other, with guests able to take in splendid open-air views of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Guests will also ride an additional 800 feet back to the starting point too, which means in total they will have travelled around one-third of a mile.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is very popular with tourists, and for good reason. Whether a visitor is a die-hard motorsports fan or simply more of a casual enthusiast, they will find something that tickles their fancy here. There are nine different racetracks in total at America’s racing showplace, with three unique driving experiences provided.

So, visitors can choose to either watch the action or get involved themselves, with some great cars to choose from. There’s also plenty of events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway too, with NASCAR, NHRA, dirt racing, short track racing, street racing, drifting and the Electric Daisy Carnival, all taking place.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum, otherwise known as the National Museum of Organised Crime and Law Enforcement, is a non-profit organization that looks to educate visitors on the history and impact that both organized crime and law enforcement had on America and its society. Everyone will have heard of the mob but being able to explore real stories and events in an interactive experience is something which should not be missed out on. All the action takes place within a restored 1933 courthouse and post office building, adding true authenticity to proceedings.

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