To say being a woman in today’s Instagram-driven, near-body perfect world is nearly impossible.

It’s bad enough when you are bombarded seemingly non-stop by images of models in magazines, television and online, but the seemingly unfair and unrealistic expectations to maintain model-like figures after giving birth.

Sad to say, but because of these unfair and hyper-unrealistic standards, body-shaming has not only been given a platform, but a reason to make women—especially new ones—feel even more self-conscious about themselves.

One such woman and mother, refused to let a body-shamer get away with it though.

Emma Kivell, a Manchester, England-based survivor of cervical cancer and campaigner and fundraiser for Jo’s Trust, a UK-based charity dedicated to supporting women affected by cervical cancer and other various abnormalities, took umbrage in calling out British reality star Gary Beadle—aka GAZ—from Geordie Shore for his recent comments on Twitter about new mothers and pregnancy weight.

Per some of the screenshots from Twitter, Kivell would not let up, as she would lay into him over the rest of his comments regarding metabolism, women’s weight issues and proverbial misogyny.

Clearly, GAZ must not have liked how Kivell was taking him to task, as he would later block her shortly after.

In case you are keeping score at home; Kivell 1. GAZ 0

More on this story to come later, so stay tuned!

INSCMagazine will be contacting both parties for comment in due course.

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