Becoming a mother comes with many challenges for the working woman which she probably would never have imagined. But if she uses the best baby products, then her life can be easy.

Although many new baby products are arriving in the market from baby car seat covers to diapers in 2018, we have chosen some of them special. We want to make their life easier.

Our list includes breast pump, Raybaby monitor, and others product that will make better changes in your life.

Medela pump in style advanced breast pump: This pump is designed to help mothers who have difficulty in breastfeeding to their baby. Initially, the use of hands was necessary to pump out the milk from the breast. In this process, working women had to spend a lot of time. But by using this pump, you can pump out the breast milk without using hands.

As a result, you can easily do other works of the house while pumping out the breast milk for the baby. Due to a busy schedule, most women have to leave their baby under the supervision of the grandmother or in child day-care.

In such a case, Medela breast pump plays an important role in storing breast milk for the baby.

And with the help of this pump, you can store breast milk for the baby in a bottle. Medela pump has the double pump, so it takes only 10 minutes to pump out the breast milk.

BEABA babycook 4 in 1 steam cooker and blender: For a working mother, both time and energy are the very important. Now, you can feed your child homemade food without spending too much time. With the help of it, you can cook more than one recipe for your child. It takes less than 15 minutes to cook.

There are four functions in it, steams, reheat, defrost, and blends. By using only one hand, you can make every kind of food for the child. So while cooking, you can hold your child in another arm.

Along with this, it is very easy to use it and clean it. You can buy it only for $150.

Beanko mobile changing station: As your baby grows, you start to take him out of the house. But when you go out with the child you may have to face more difficulties, one of them is, diaper changing. It is challenging to change a child’s diaper, especially in a car. Car seats or baby car seats have not designed to change children’s diapers.

The Beanko mobile changing station has a foldable wedge underneath the changing pad. It helps in keeping the baby flat. Along with this, over the headrest, many pockets are available to keep wipes and other items.

After changing the diaper, you can hang it on the car seat. It is available at $ 100 on

Skip Hop Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper: It is difficult for a working woman to handle the child while working at the home. She can do the housework easily only if her child is safe and happy. The skip hop jumper encourages the child to play and also helps in the physical development of the child. The skip hop has a digital counter.

If your child hits 100 jumps, then this digital counter rewards the child with applause. And it tracks the child’s progress. It has movable toys, lights, and music that encourage the child to play. Even you can set a reminder in it so that you may remember that the child’s playtime is over.

So it is very helpful for the working mother. You can buy it at only for $130.

Raybaby Monitor: It is very difficult for a working woman to take time for herself. She concerns about the work of the office and the house as well as her baby. But now, the working woman does not need to worry about the baby. Now the high-tech baby monitor has arrived in the market.

It can track your baby’s breath rate and movement from up to 16 feet away.

Along with monitoring the baby’s sleep, it also recommends for improving the baby’s sleep. You can use it for a child up to 3 years old. Its main feature is that it works as ultrasound. If your child having a fever, Raybaby monitor sends the instant alert. It also monitors respiratory system related diseases and allergic attacks. And along with this, it offers helpful tips also. You can buy it only for $200.

With the help of the above-given products, a working woman can easily take care the baby along with office and housework. We believe that these baby products will improve her life and surely she will feel comfortable with these.

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