Most working parents the services of a nanny to look after their children. While you can get the best qualified nannies to look after your children, nannies are not substitute parents and your influence is still needed in your children’s formative years.

Nannies are supposed to be helps; not an excuse for you to abscond your parental responsibility. As a parent, the job of raising your child to be an upright and productive squarely rests on your shoulders. Parents should get more involved in their children’s lives.

With a demanding work schedule and traffic gridlocks that make you get home when your kids are just about to go to bed, it can seem impossible to find some quality time to spend with your kids.

Nonetheless, it is still essential to reorganize your schedule so your kids see you more often. Dropping them off to school on your way to work is great place to start. Dedicate the weekends to spending more time with your kids and unless it’s absolutely urgent, never carry your office work home.

Here are some exciting activities to do together with your kids.

Attend your child’s school events: Most school events like sports days, prize giving, and talent shows usually take place during the evenings or over the weekends. The reason they schedule at those time is allow working class parents to show up and support their kids.

It is important to make time even if it means leaving work 3 minutes early (with the permission of your boss, of course) and attend and encourage your child when they are participating in such events.

It is also one way to encourage and nurture their talents.

Eat together: This can be a simple gesture like arriving early for dinner so you can eat together. You can also take them out to dinner or lunch whenever your schedules are free.

Avoid distractions like TV on the background or thumbing down on your phone with the free hand while eating. Not only is it poor table manners but it beats the goals which is to spend some quality time with your kids.

Go outdoors: Getting your kids out in nature has a lot of benefits. Vitamin D from the sun is essential for their growth and out outdoor adventure improves creativity and can also help alleviate symptoms of childhood ADHD and depression.

One of the fun activities you will both love is camping. You go on a road trip and also teach your child basic survival tips. Do not however bring along babies to your camping trip. Depending on their age and state laws, you can also take them to a shooting range. The Air Rifle Center has useful tips to offer.

Reading: Instead of spending your indoor time with everyone on their phones or watching TV, a family reading time is healthier and smarter way to spend your family time.

For accountability, you can have family sessions during which everyone gives a synopsis of the books they have read through the week. This improves your child’s learning abilities and grows their communication skills.

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