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Parenting: How To Sleep With Your Newborn


April 18, 2017

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As a father, husband and parent, if there is one thing that truly defines you as a man is seeing your newborn infant in its first few days of life.

For all of our fantasy sport-loving, testosterone-fueled macho and manly persona, men are the biggest softies not named The Stay-Puff Marshallow Man when it comes to use holding, cuddling and just gazing upon our newest bundle of joy.

As we venture into transitioning from bachelorhood to parenthood, here are some tips to sleeping with the baby.

Invest In A Co-Sleeper Crib: Also known as a co-sleeper crib, investing in one of these is very wise as they allow a baby to stay close within Mommy’s reach, while preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Buy A Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones: Before you look at me like I’m crazy, the reason why I’m suggesting this is for the little guy—or girl—sleeping I the next room.

Like most new dads, who are still likely into watching sports late at night or doing something, you would want to keep the volume as low as possible.

To prevent your newborn from waking up—and pissing off the Missus—buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you can sync up to your electronics such as your home theater systems and video game console, or just simply turn the volume down late at night.

Because, nothing is worse than a screaming newborn and a pissed-off spouse or partner.

Look Into A Infant Monitoring System: If your newborn sleeps in another room, this may be the best option for you. With choices ranging from video, audio and wi-fi, a monitoring system enables parents to monitor their newborn from another room offers a peace of mind—from a distance—that would be a asset to parents.

Whether you’re a new parent or expecting, having these type of options available and open to you would serve as a great benefit to you and your new family.

Just be sure to turn the volume down on that Call of Duty game for the next few months.

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