In modern times, dozens of spy applications for Android have appeared and have claimed to be the best at tracking Android phones. Pretend that it is the best cell phone tracking software for Android and once the users have their hands making payments online, at the end of the day they realize that the surveillance software was nothing more than a scam and bluff.

Therefore, many users over the years have taken legal action against companies that offer Android monitoring applications. However, it would be better to be careful when choosing before subscribing to the best spy software for Android. iKeyMonitor is the best & most reliable Android spy app.

Reasons Behind Tracking Android Phone

Android smartphones are the most popular and easy-to-use phones that allow users to easily use them in a few days. The Android operating system on phones gives users an exciting experience when it comes to the use of the Internet and social networks.

In addition, a user can do other activities on Android in the same friendly and useful way, such as text messages, calls, visit websites through browsers, shared multimedia files, ie, photos and videos. In addition, it offers the user an attractive space to store their private data on the cell phone that runs with Android operating systems. All these activities mentioned through the Android devices force some users to monitor other activities on the cell phone for several reasons.

Things that Really Make a Better Android Spy App

There is the amount of qualities an Android spy app should have. The following mentioned things distinguish a robust and genuine spy app for Android, then the fake ones. Consider the things mentioned above when choosing the best android monitoring phone and you will not have worries and questions in mind how can I monitor on the Android phone and what tracking software should I use to track the Android phone convincingly?

Possibility of Establishing Parental Control in Android

The best cell phone spy app needs to be able to set parental control applications for Android on smart phones for kids and teens. iKeyMonitor has all necessary tools for parental control. Nowadays, social networking applications are one of the favorite and slow activities for young people. Therefore, they use the online social networking platform on Android phones, like Viber, Facebook, Tinder, imo, WhatsApp and many other apps. Finally, they intimidated online, harassed by strangers and hunted by child molesters. They get their attention on adult content through adult websites visited through the Android phone browser.

Log Keystrokes Inputted

An Android spy app like iKeyMonitor tracks keystrokes inputted in social chats, searches, website url, emails.

Track Browsing History

Hidden spy software should have the ability to track all websites visited by young children and teenagers in real time and also all marked websites.

Record Social Chats

A spy app for Android can spy on social messaging applications for children’s activities such as IM logs, chat conversation, shared multimedia files such as photos and videos voice messages.

Screen Time Limit

A user can use an Android monitoring application to limit the screen time on the target phone or tablet, e.g., limiting the screen time when children should go to bed or do the homework. This is a helpful feature for parental control.

Record Live Surrounding

iKeyMonitor records the live surrounding of the Android phone. Parents can use this feature to know whether their children are having behavior problems or bullied at school.

Alert Word Notification

You can set up alert words by app name and keystrokes. When the alert words are triggered, an email notification will be sent to you. Besides, iKeyMonitor will capture screenshots.

Enable Employees of Boss to Monitor

Every employer wants to have a disciplined employee within the business organization that can function properly within working hours. Employers also want to choose the dishonest and lazy employees who can cheat with employers by getting their hands on the private and confidential data of companies. In the business enterprise, employers often provide Android phones, Android tablets and pads to employees for productivity.

They need to use iKeyMonitor Android spy application that keeps employers up-to-date all the time regarding employee activities on the company’s Android gadgets. There are the following tools (Data backup, Call the spy, GPS location tracker, Images, Email tracking, Spy text messages) that an employer must use to monitor employees’ Android devices and protect the business from possible threats to the data stored in Android gadgets.

From what has been discussed above, it can be concluded that a professional and secure Android spy app is useful and necessary to ensure children’s safety online as well as catch lazy and dishonest employees. Such an app helps you control everything and make you feel relieved.

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