Making Money online through the internet is not a difficult task these days but it needs consistency.

There is various digital and Internet-based Money making ways like blogging and eCommerce. Blogging has become very crowded and eCommerce is still hard to get in. Various Earning methods like affiliate, commission, and Advertisement are popular these days.

The more unique your idea is, the more you earn. As the ad networks don’t pay well these days, you can prefer Affiliate. eCommerce is hard too needs a lot of capital but before doing it, you can start to drop shipping too. We at Journal Review, discuss Various Earning Methods and their marketing strategy.

Here we will discuss how Review Works on Drop Shipping sites and how it’s a ton of money.

Dropshipping Sites

There is Kind of Micro-eCommerce Sites with no product of their own and limited numbers of inventory. It is certain that you don’t actually need a Product of yourself or a large Warehouse to start your business. There are many merchants who offer Drop shipping and whitelist shipping facility. So you don’t actually need to buy a huge stock and keep them with you.

You will pay only once your deal with Customer is done, it will save your money and time as well. Once you will get an order, you will forward it to your merchant partner and provide them with shipping details as well as payment. Once they will receive order and payment, they will ship on behalf of you to the customer. As you are the owner of your site so you can sell it at the market price with a good profit or little below the market price, just to make a good profit. Although you are getting it cheaper from the partnering merchant.

How Does Review work with Dropshipping sites?

While you are going to make reviews, you can prefer same drop shipping site for publishing your review or you can create an additional site to do it. Adding Reviews from Previous Buyers, Ratings, Testimonials, and Feedbacks works a lot in having a trust from Buyers but if you will create an additional site with detailed review along with all detailed features. It will grab a lot of attention. How these works? You must know about Amazon affiliate sites and so these sites are quite same. Just keep in mind, you need to ensure that, the niche must be good enough and competition must be low. The Appearance of the blog matters a lot as if you want someone to place an order on your site. Your site must be worthy of it too.

Marketing for Review and Dropshipping site

Once you are good with Review and Dropshipping site, you must pay attention to marketing. You have 3 options to market perfectly your sites. Options are SEO, SMO, and SMO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about ranking your sites in top rank at Google, while SMO or Social Media optimization is all about bringing engagement in your Social Media Profiles.SEM or Search Engine Marketing is running an ad on Google Search or Google Partnered sites and Mobile Apps. According to the Journal Review, SEO and SMO is the best way to effectively promote your site and they got a lot of resources related it.

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