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Paul George Suffers Horrific Injury In Team USA Scrimmage

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Paul George
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Paul George suffered a lower leg injury which in turn has devastated the NBA world. It is without a doubt one of the worst injuries anyone has seen with an NBA player in quite some time. NBA teams always worry about their star players getting hurt whether they play for team USA or an All-Star team. With George, the Indiana Pacers are currently facing this reality.

George tried to block a shot and had his lower right leg bend awkwardly underneath the basket. The injury was reminiscent of what Louisville CardinalsKevin Ware went through last year.

Team USA played in a scrimmage in Las Vegas preparing to represent their country with George enjoying what he does best. George is 24 years old and is without a doubt one of the young bright stars the NBA has to offer. With his injury, everyone is hoping for the best. No one can remember a time where a  player got injured in this type of setting or anywhere.

When looking at guys like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose in complete shock with what they saw by how George fell, their expressions said a thousand words.

George returning with the Pacers in 2014-2015 is unknown but looking at the injury George sustained it isn’t a stretch to suggest that his entire season is very much in doubt.

Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski cut the scrimmage short due to the injury.

Most importantly, everyone is praying for George to get well first and foremost.

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