Swiss balls serve as a crucial exercise accessory which is heavily utilized for different body toning exercises. This big bouncy ball is highly efficient because it does not take up much space in the workout area and you can perform your activity with ease. This ball comes in various sizes, and it can be utilized for enhancing your strength, balance and cardio power.

The unstable surface of the Swiss balls helps an individual to work on their core muscle and reach your fitness goal. This ball is also suitable for people who want to regain their fitness after injury. You can perform varied  types of exercises which will assist you to vanish away any strain in your muscle and spinal.

Types of Exercises on Swiss Balls 

The Swiss ball is all-rounder exercise equipment where you can perform various types in different sets. You can quickly do 20 reps in one set, and with time you should increase the number of reps in a set. Here is a list of some exercises that you can perform on the Swiss ball:

  • Wall Squat: Wall squat is a useful exercise where you need to stand by keeping your feet wide apart from each other. You should stand three feet away from the ball and place the Swiss ball between the wall and your lower back. Then by keeping that stance, you have to squat down, and you should go down in such a way that the ball rolls from the lower part towards your shoulder.
  • Hamstring Curl: In hamstring curl exercise, you need to lie down on the floor by keeping your arms straight. Then you have to rest your heels on the Swiss ball and keep your hip above the ground. Then by relaxing your heel, you should slowly bring your knee towards the hip position and then after a pause return back to the old position.
  • Balance Push Up: Balance push up is a high level push up exercise where you need to go to the push-up stance by keeping your ankle over the Swiss ball.  Then you should slowly pull down your body by keeping your hands parallel and then again gradually return to your previous position.
  • Back Extension: In the back extension, you first need to rest the stomach and the hip on the Swiss ball and keep your legs on the ground. Then correctly balance yourself so that you will not fall down while doing exercise. After this, slowly raise your chest while keeping your hand behind your head. You should do this exercise in three sets with each set containing 12 reps.
  • V-Sit with Swiss Ball: This is an incredible abs exercise. In this exercise, you have to lie down with your chest facing upward and rest your feet on the Swiss ball. Then slowly move your chest towards your leg while keeping your hands straight and form V shape. You should stay in that position for some time and then slowly roll back to the previous position. You should perform this exercise for twelve to fifteen reps, and you should increase your reps after each set.
  • Knee Tucks: In knee tucks, you have to start the workout by going into a push-up position and rest your toes on the Swiss balls. Then by keeping your hands straight, you should slowly bring the knee towards your chest and after a pause slowly move them back to the old position. The knees should come under the hip, and you should continue this for fifteen reps.

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