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Philadelphia Eagles: Roseman Left To Clean Up Kelly’s Mess

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How did it come to this?

The power struggle within the Philadelphia Eagles was real, but the question is why even play this game now?

Chip Kelly came in and literally destroyed the franchise as he took a college approach and decided he wanted his own professional recruits instead of some leftovers. Gone was LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Hugh Douglas, Jeremy Maclin, Evan Mathis and others. These were not roster fillers, these were Pro Bowl players, but most importantly they were Andy Reid and Howie Roseman guys.

Kelly was given the green light and he told Roseman without saying a word that he was better at this job than he ever was but Kelly failed to realize that he was still wet behind the ears and the results were well…

Kelly is no longer with the Eagles and with Roseman back in charge of righting the ship he has let his personal feelings take over and needless to say, he pulled a Kelly himself.

Gone are Kelly’s hand-picked players like Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell and former NFL rushing champ, DeMarco Murray. The locker room was lost the moment the Eagles lost the 2nd game. It was lost the moment Murray started to complain about his touches, it was lost the moment Nick Foles was traded for Sam Bradford. There was nothing positive that was going to come from last season, hell there was nothing positive that came from the Chip Kelly era besides, owner Jeffrey Lurie putting Roseman back in charge.

I think Roseman jumped the gun with his moves since taking over. I know his pride was injured last season as he had to watch his roster get dismantled then see the coach/GM of said team just quit because things weren’t going his way, but don’t take it out on the roster. Those guys were playing for a coach they had no faith in and a coach that had no faith in them. There is no way you can go from top rusher to worst in the league in one season. Murray went from starting 16 games to 8, 1845 yards on 392 attempts to 702 on 193. But you want to punish Murray, not fair Roseman. You can say it was about his contract all you want but in all honesty he is not Shady and that’s what it boils down to.

If there’s a player that should be shown the door its Bradford. I don’t care for his 3700+ yards and 19 TDs. He is not a winner. So instead of searching for better options they reward that lackluster play with a guaranteed contract suitable for Playoff and Pro Bowl caliber QBs. The Eagles selected QB Carson Wentz with the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 draft when they already had Bradford and Chase Daniels ready to battle it out in camp. Roseman has a talent for scouting and the Eagles were in need of a future QB but wasn’t Bradford to be that guy? Bradford is also a Kelly leftover, only a matter of time before he’s out the door as well.

Kelly may have blown the roster up out of ego but Roseman is now doing things out of spite, the same way Kelly did Reid’s roster.

Hope it pans out…

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