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Philadelphia Eagles: Sky Is Not Falling

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The Philadelphia Eagles media loves to run wild. Currently, they’re running with rampant reports of locker room unrest, players not supporting Coach Doug Pederson and some even asking if it’s time to fire Pederson.

After one season, fire a head coach. Wow. You guys must really not have anything else to write. Nobody fires a head coach after one year. Pederson is a rookie head coach, it was understood he would have some growing pains. But to suggest a new head coach needs to be fired after his first season is preposterous.

Now, let’s look at this “locker room tension”. Nobody likes losing, it pisses off the players, coaches, all the way down to the fans and probably the food vendors too. Yes, I bet the employees at Lincoln Financial Field are pissed off the Eagles are losing.

Now, just because someone is mad doesn’t mean they’ve given up or they don’t care. Sometimes when you think all is lost and there is nothing left to play for, you look at your brothers and you decide, let’s win it for us. Playoffs are nice, but not everyone gets to go.

So, are all the teams not in the playoff hunt going to roll over? No. The Eagles surely are a team who won’t surrender.

Have the Eagles looked lost at times? Yes, but I refuse to believe everyone of those players has given up. Carson Wentz doesn’t know how to quit. Wentz is a winner, he’s used to winning. Wentz came from the FCS champion North Dakota State. Do you think Wentz will just up and quit? No.

Carson Wentz and others are still fighting, I refuse to believe he will let this team quit on him. The offensive line is still blocking, the defense is still trying to make plays.

The Eagles defense isn’t as dominant as it was early in the season, that has to do with injuries, fatigue, and teams having tape on the defense. I refuse to say they flat out quit. Leodis McKelvin has got beat all year, that’s not new. So, if McKelvin gives up a touchdown, he didn’t quit, he just got beat. Again

Philadelphia knew the cornerback position was a liability from day one. They have done the best with that they had. At one point there was a 7th round pick and 2 undrafted free agent cornerbacks on the active roster. That’s what the Eagles had to work with.

The Eagles will be fine, they have a whole bunch of draft picks and another offseason to fill in the gaps.

Next year, Pederson won’t be a rookie coach, Wentz won’t be a rookie QB and Lane Johnson won’t be suspended 10 games.

Just take a deep breathe Philadelphia and just breathe. It’ll be okay.

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