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Philadelphia Eagles: Spoiler Alert

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Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are just about out of the playoffs. But their next four opponents aren’t. All four remaining games hold playoff implications for their opponents.

Philadelphia, they aren’t going to the playoffs. Too much change, too soon. Rookies galore, they aren’t ready yet.

But their opponents, they need to win. Especially Washington, who lost their playoff spot to Tampa Bay last weekend. The Baltimore Ravens next week are currently tied with Pittsburgh for the division title. They need a win to stay on top. The Giants? Everyone is breathing down their necks and they need some wins. Dallas wants home field advantage and the bye. They need a win too.

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Now, Philly, they don’t “need” wins, but they would sure help morale. Now three of the next four are at home. Eagles have only lost once at home.

Wouldn’t it be something if Philadelphia won this weekend at home and put Washington’s playoff hopes in a hole? I bet Pittsburgh would just love it if Philadelphia put the same kind of hurt on Baltimore that Philadelphia gave them. It’s always a good time to beat the Giants, and Dallas, they don’t like Dallas.

All those playoff hopes and dreams look so nice and pretty. Would be a shame if a struggling team came around and messed them all up huh? Yes, indeed it would.

Philadelphia might not have the most wins, but the Eagles might have a bit of fight left in them. They might have some pride left in them. The Eagles might have enough to crush some hopes and dreams.

If the Eagles can’t get to the playoffs, does anyone think they’re going to lay down and just let teams walk into Philadelphia and take an easy win? No, sir, I don’t think so.

The Birds are going to suit up this weekend and every weekend until the end of the regular season with one goal. Ruining some bodies hopes and dreams.

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