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Philip Rivers: Loyalty Has Its Price

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As the rumors swirled that Philip Rivers wanted out of San Diego almost every team in need of a QB was salivating from the mouth. But it was never meant to be as he re-upped, thus ending his chances at a ring.

If only…

If only he wasn’t who he was. If only he would’ve been selfish and looked out for himself and chased that ring.

If only…

But Rivers being the good country loyal man that he is figured he wanted to finish what he started, while ignoring the writing may already be on the wall for his chance with the Chargers.

But what a run it was. Is there a chance that he has at least one shot?


I hate to say it being a fan of his since his days at North Carolina State but it is what it is. The New York Giants took a risk when they traded him for Eli Manning on draft night in 2004, which has resulted in Rivers having better stats but Manning has the edge with two championships. Rivers has not been without his chances. In 2007 they had their chance as they made it to the AFC Championship game but ran across a historic Tom Brady and New England Patriots. The Chargers were led by Rivers but he had help that year in LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates but would fall short as they would lose to the Patriots who would lose, ironically to Manning and the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Could Rivers have won the same Super Bowls for the Giants that Manning did if that trade never went thru? Probably so but we will never know. Now, as he enters his 13th season, 11th as the starter he has to come to terms that the window is closed and it may never open again for him in a Chargers uniform.

What would’ve been in 2015?

Oh man can you imagine if a trade would’ve been worked out with him going to the Denver Broncos, New York Jets or the Houston Texans? All teams would’ve been considered contenders easily. But now he must struggle thru what is sure to be a Hall of Fame career as he shares the field with an aging Gates, a disappointing RB in Melvin Gordon and receivers who simply can’t stay on the field long enough to build any chemistry with Rivers.

I get it Philip, they took a chance on you and you repaid them with everything you had. One of the only QB’s to have stayed healthy throughout his career. He has never missed a start since becoming the starter in 2006. He has been to 5 Pro Bowls and is easily one of the most accurate passers in the league with a career percentage of 65%. Phillip is a winner.

Just too bad his loyalty has kept him tied to a franchise that can’t offer him the same.

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