Best Practices for Zoom Interviews

Need to prepare for a Zoom interview? Don’t fret! We share the best prep tips, Zoom interview etiquette, and how to ace the conversation and land a job.


Have you ever had a digital interview? For those of us used to in-person interviews, it can bring about a whole new set of challenges. 


One of the most common platforms people across the globe use for personal and business communication is Zoom


Though this video conferencing software came about in 2011, it caught steam in 2020 due to COVID-related travel restrictions.


Even before the pandemic, video job interviews and conferencing made sense for some industries. Technology, recruiting, and start-up organizations used Zoom and similar software to interview remote workers across the globe. 


Given the popularity of Zoom, the software is likely to keep its traction. So if you haven’t had a Zoom interview yet, it’s really only a matter of time until you do!


Here, we cover seven Zoom interview tips for prospective employees.  


1. Learn the Zoom Software


Whether you’re a technology novice or around it frequently, learn the basics of new software you encounter first. 


Understanding its foundational features helps you maximize the advanced settings in the future.


Zoom’s software is user-friendly, but it takes some exploring before finding your comfort zone. Your goal is to understand its primary functions, so you’re comfortable during the interview.


If you hesitate because the sound isn’t working or the video quality isn’t ideal, it takes away from the interview. Some employers cannot reschedule interviews experiencing technical difficulties promptly. 


Prepare ahead by using the Zoom software to understand its features and functions. 


2. Test Your Tech Equipment


Technology continues to become more accessible. 


Teenagers filmed an entire movie with a smartphone. Individuals film Hollywood-quality seminars and webinars from their home office basements. A prospective employer can interview you using Zoom’s straightforward software. 


Use the device of your choice, like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to participate in the interview. But first, test your device before the scheduled interview date and time. In addition, test your internet connection, sound, and video quality.


Logging into your device’s camera seems easy enough, but it can provide some surprises. 


For example, the camera’s software or driver may require an update. The same applies to the microphone. Some hardware components are not compatible with others or software. Therefore you want to find the right combination of tools.


Moreover, if you plan to use an external camera or microphone, ensure that everything works in tandem as intended.


3. Pick an Appropriate Spot for the Zoom Interview


Even if you don’t have room to dedicate to a home office or study space, you can carve out a nook. The same goes for the appropriate spot for a Zoom interview.


The ideal spot for a Zoom interview is well-lit, quiet, and free of other distractions. Ideally, setup camp near a power outlet. Zoom offers virtual backgrounds, so you don’t need to over worry about setting up the backdrop. 


If you have the space, you can customize it with books and art that signal your interest in the field. 


Your interviewer must see your face clearly; don’t sit far away from the camera. Pick a comfortable chair that won’t cause you to shift from one sitting position to another frequently. 


Natural light works best, so sit next to a window. If that’s not an option, work on the lighting. Vanity lamps are one popular option, or your ceiling lights may suffice.


Essentially, keep the area noise- and distraction-free. 


4. Practice Ahead of the Interview


Film yourself practicing ahead of the interview. Pay attention to your body language, speech speed, and any quirks you may exhibit. No one knows that they snap their tongue while speaking unless someone points it out. 


The mannerisms that you use with your friends look different in a formal setting. If you watch YouTube video tutorials or conversations, you’ll notice that the participants maintain a still pose. They rarely make sudden movements or continually tilt their head from one direction to the other.


Job interviews average 45 minutes to one hour. Some are only 30 minutes long. Practice your elevator pitch, sell your skills, and explain why you’re an asset to the company before the interview. 


5. Double Check the Log in Instructions


At least 24 hours before your interview, double-check the Zoom interview log-in instructions. 


You’ll receive the log-in link by email, but every employer follows their own process. Your link may arrive on the day of the interview. Others come as soon as the interviewer schedules it. Nonetheless, you can familiarize yourself with the log-in options.


The steps to joining a meeting depend on your device’s operating system. They also depend on your log-in method, such as mobile apps, internet browser, or telephone. 


Zoom provides several guides if you need help figuring out your log-in option based on the device and operating system.


6. Dress for the Job You Want


Several norms have flown out the window in the last decade. Interview attire has evolved, but don’t take it too lightly. It’s crucial to dress for the job you want. A suit is still the most appropriate interview attire. 


Suit attire consists of a matching jacket and pants or skirt. Coordinate the outfit with a button-up collared shirt, tie, and shoes. Fit is also important. A tailored suit is best, but if you shop off the rack, find the best fit possible.


Even though the interviewer only sees you from the chest up, wear a complete outfit. 


If you need to stand during the interview, don’t lose the job because you lacked sound judgment. Employers must minimize risk in all facets, including their staff and employees.


Remember to groom, too. Since you’re not traveling to your interview, you receive an advantage. There’s enough time to groom up until the point that you log into the interview. Make it count.  


7. It’s Still an Interview


Even though you’re about to interview through Zoom’s online video software, remember that it’s still an interview. You’re interviewing from home, but you can’t take the situation lightly. Follow job interview etiquette and leverage the circumstances to your favor.

You’re interviewing from home in a comfortable environment. Since there’s no travel involved, you have more time to prepare.



A Zoom interview for prospective employees is still an interview. 


In many ways, getting comfortable with Zoom software affords the interviewee several advantages.


For example, if the company interviews you over Zoom, they probably use it for conferencing too.


Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Azure (CA) and has five years of experience in property management and many years in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community in all that she does and thrives at making Azure the place to call home for current and future residents. 

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