Ah summer: a time for hosting barbecues and pool parties while relaxing with friends and family. But make sure your exteriors are up to the task. From gutters to patios, these areas need special attention after a long and brutal winter with help from an experienced power washing company NJ. When you have your exterior surfaces regularly cleaned, your curb appeal and property value will both increase. 

Clean exteriors will extend the lifespan of your exteriors, too. But before you choose a power washing company NJ, you’ll have to conduct a bit of research to ensure a timely, fast and efficient job. 

Top 3 Reasons to Hire Power Washing Company NJ 

Hiring a professional power washing company NJ rather than approaching this as a DIY job brings many benefits to you as the homeowner. 

  1.     Professionals bring safety equipment and know what they’re doing: If you don’t know how to use a tall ladder and stabilize it, you could fall and severely injure yourself. Don’t assume operating a pressure washer machine is easy, either. They have a lot of powerful kickback that could injure you when you’re not expecting it – not to mention that high pressure could damage your exteriors when you don’t apply the right amount.
  2.     Professionals get the job done faster than you would: Pros get the job done in far less time than you would. Hiring a professional for power washing near me means they handle all the details backed by all the proper training, experience, and equipment.
  3.     Professionals save you money in the long run: Paying a power washing company NJ one lump sum means you get a variety of services under one roof. If you were to DIY the job, you would shell out a lot of cash on a power washer rental and all the related cleaning solutions, as well as a sturdy construction-grade ladder and safety gear. In the end, it’s just more economical to hire a pro.

Comprehensive Services: What Should You Expect? 

The first step in deciding on a power washing company NJ is to call a few and ask about their years in business, training, timelines, availability and safety protocols. Your power washing company NJ should also provide a wide range of services to home and business owners like you. It’s best to choose a company skilled in comprehensive services so you get everything you need under one roof. 

Your power washing company NJ should offer: 

  •       Patio cleaning
  •       Gutter cleaning
  •       Deck cleaning
  •       Sidewalk cleaning
  •       Driveway cleaning
  •       Siding cleaning
  •       Roof cleaning
  •       Pool deck cleaning


If you have been searching for “power washers near me,” remember that Clearview Washing offers all of the above! 

Call Clearview Washing Today 

The experts at Clearview Washing can clean up your entire property just in time for summer. Start with a free quote when you call us at 732-462-1187. We would be happy to go over our many power washing services as well as rates. 

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