Power washing is a powerful way to clean your property. Water shoots out of the machine under high pressure which in turn removes the grime. You can use this in your house to clean the drive and patio or a larger commercial washing in your business. Below you’ll find a few handy tips and tricks to help you get the results you want. 

Choose the Right Machine

There are several types of power washing machines. Each has its own purpose and used for specific cleaning tasks. If you’re covering large areas (such as in a factory), you’ll need something more powerful like the most powerful electric pressure washer. The best option here is to go to a reputable company and hire one for the day. If you fall into this group, the staff at the rental will explain and advice the best machine for you. Not everyone needs large scale cleaning tasks. What if you just want to clean up the patio in time for summer? You might need to buy something from your local DIY store. Do some research online. Then ask the staff at the store for suggestions. 

Electric or Gas? 

Electric machines are less powerful than gas operated ones. If you have a small scale cleaning project, electric ones are more suitable. But they won’t perform efficiently on a larger and more rigorous area. This is where gas comes in which can provide up to eight times more pressure. Most professionals use this type of power washing machine. 

Stay Safe

You wouldn’t use an electrical appliance in the shower with the water running. But that’s essentially what happens with electric power washing machines. Water shoots out one end while the other is plugged into the socket. This can be especially dangerous since, as mentioned above, most people who use electric ones are working on small projects at home. You need to take measures to make sure it’s safe. We suggest covering all appliances in a plastic coating to make it waterproof. You should also do something to protect the socket which your machine is getting its power from. 

Protect Your Plants

If you’re cleaning your garden, you’ll need to cover your plants. This might be something as simple as covering them in a protective sheet. High pressured water that can clean deeply ingrained grime from the patio will smash delicate flowers to pieces. Even if you’re planning to power wash the area near your plants. 

Do Small Areas

Power washing is strenuous. And it can take a lot out of you. The best approach is to break down your project into smaller, more manageable areas. Take plenty of breaks to rest your arms and to see if you have to go over the area again. Smaller areas also allow you to focus on one spot to make sure that the job gets done correctly. 

Vary the Spray For the Best Results

If you adjust your nozzle, you’ll find that you have different sprays. You should use the high-pressure ones to clean and only use this on the floor. After spraying for a few minutes, change the spray. This allows you to wash away the residue while also agitating some of the more stubborn areas. Use the narrow spray where you have a tough stain to remove. But never use this on windows or anything that has the potential to break. Use the wide spray for your brickwork. 

Know When to Hire a Professional

If the cleaning project is too big, you might end up spending hours or days. The best thing to do in this situation is to hire professional help. You won’t have to choose the right machine. And the whole process will be taken care of. But you should also spend some time researching the company before you hire anyone. Not every power washing professional delivers high-quality results. Phone the company and ask them to come down for a quote. Speak to past customers to see if they really do deliver what they claim. 

Top Tips for Power Washing 

If you’re going to do a small project, get an electrical power washer. But be careful to protect yourself and your appliances from water damage. Bigger projects might need a gas machine. Start small and focus on one area and remember to cover your flowers. And if you think the project is too much to handle. Get professional help. 

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