Aviran better known as Sideglide is a DJ and music producer from Israel – Tel-Aviv, Sideglide’s career began at the age of 14 when he began to perform in var several clubs in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Ashdod.

The excitement during his sessions at the parties was palpable and that feeling gave him the desire to learn more about how to produce his own musical style. In 2013, Sideglide decided to take his knowledge one step further by enrolling in courses at Tel Aviv’s prestigious music school, “Muzik.” It was there that Sideglide was able to form his own signature musical style.

 Sideglide’s passion and love for music depend on making his audience happy with his sound. “For me it is everything, this is my happiness.”

The Sideglide sound combines elements of Melodic-Techno, Deep-House and Psytrance. Produce music with deep, powerful bass lines and energetic rhythms loved by clubbers.

Sideglide is officially signed by the labels of the brand around the world such as: EDM.com, Up Club Records, Dance Of Toads and more

Listen to it:


Recently, Sideglide released a new Melodic Techno track called ‘Manipulation’ on this track Sideglide wrote a melody about the new world manipulation experience that is happening right now and turned this experience into a hypnotic track.

These sounds transport us to a galaxy full of life and energy. His music is so catchy and inspiring and he shows it with his most recent release in  which you’ll enjoy the  power of “Manipulation” available on all musical platforms.

Let’s enjoy the charisma of this nice DJ, so Follow him on social media: @Sideglidemusic




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