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Pro Athletes Who Successfully Made the Transition to Acting

Seeing a celebrity on the TV doing what s/he does best may lead one to believe that they were born to be such. However, many celebrities go through different stages in life before they finally arrive at their destination. Today, we are going to highlight some A-class celebrities (movie stars) who started out on the field and racetracks before finally settling for acting. Note, if you would like to watch some of the movies that the following stars have featured in, you can always play some profitable slots online games and get ticket money.

Uzo Adoba

Uzo Adoba is best known for her acting prowess in the hit series, ‘Orange is the New Black’ where she plays the role of Suzanne or Crazy Eyes. While her acting put her on the world map, Uzo was already a star before she joined ‘Orange is the New Black’. She was a pro athlete during her college days which saw her compete at the Boston Marathon as well as the New York Marathon. Uzo was quite good in athletics that she nearly broke the long-standing record in the 55-meter race at Boston University when she finished the race in 7.07 seconds against the 7.03 record.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

For many people, they know that The Rock transitioned from professional wrestling to acting. While this is certainly true, what many people don’t know is that before he started his wrestling career, The Rock was actually a football player. He played for the University of Miami Hurricanes during his college days. Though he was overlooked by NFL teams, The Rock managed to sign for Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. However, an unfortunate career threatening injury cut short his football career leading him to switch to wrestling and ultimately acting.

Terry Crews

Whenever we see a Terry Crews movie, we know we are going to crack our ribs with laughter. From Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Everybody Hates Chris, Terry Crews just has that knack of putting smiles on all of our faces. However, before Terry started out his acting adventure, he was actually a professional footballer. Terry was so good at football that he received a full sports scholarship to study at Western Michigan University. After graduating, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. Before calling time on his NFL career, Terry had also had stints with the Washington Redskins and the San Diego Chargers.

Jason Statham

Well, we all know how tough and fast Jason Statham is from his time in ‘Fast of the Furious’. However, before Statham started acting, he actually had a whole different life. Statham in his early days was a huge fan of diving. As such, when he started going to school, he joined the diving team. Statham’s love for diving continued to grow and so too did his skill set. Before he finished school, Statham had managed to earn a place in Britain’s national team. He did compete at the Commonwealth Games but was unfortunate not to compete at the Olympic Games.

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