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Helpful Tips For When You Are Moving Your Belongings Interstate

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More people consider making use of the services provided by a removalist merely because they have years of expertise when it comes to safely pack your belongings professionally and ensuring that your possessions arrive safely at your new destination.

It is advisable to acquire moving insurance just in case, but with a professional removalist at the steer of things, it is unlikely that anything will get damaged when in transit.

1. How Long Will It Take To Move Interstate?

It all depends on the volume of possessions you need to move and the distance you will be travelling. For example, it will take longer to drive from Melbourne to Perth as opposed to moving from Melbourne to Sydney.

Generally, there are two shipping options, either LCL (less than container load) or FCL (full container load).

Moving, in general, takes anything between four and ten days.

2. Always Overestimate When Packing

If you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, then thing tend to go smoother than expected. By overestimating you’ll be ready for the worst-case scenario when it comes to pricing, so from there on it can only decrease.

3. What About The Family Pets?

If you don’t feel up for having the family pets in the backseat during a long road trip, then a removalist can provide you with pet transport. This option might be less stressful on the animals as well.

4. Don’t Leave Things Until The Last Minute

Moving interstate is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. Don’t leave the packing and moving arrangements until the last minute and put yourself under unnecessary stress with unexpected bills, mishaps or accidents. Give yourself plenty of time and when you are using interstate removalists, meet with them well in advance, get the necessary quotes and secure your moving date with them.

5. Do The Research

Set aside time to research professionals who can give you the best deal and provide exceptional service. Make sure you read the customer reviews and don’t focus on the price alone. It might be worthwhile to invest in a more expensive company that can get the job done well, ensuring your belongings are safe and securely transported therefore reducing your overall stress regarding the big move. Remember whoever you decide to hire will be in your home. You are putting your trust in them to handle your valued belongings. Therefore, you need to hire a professional that is trustworthy and reliable.

6. Make Sure You Pack Smart

Don’t just chuck everything in boxes to get it over and done with. Organisational skills are key when you are packing for a big move. If you do an excellent job at packing everything nicely and labelling them correctly, it will make the task of unpacking everything at your new home a lot easier. You need to place heavier items in the bottom of the boxes and ensure that the boxes are correctly sealed. Make sure you take care of your personalised belongings yourself. Things that you need to access daily such as chargers, laptops, phones or toiletries or documents containing sensitive information should stay with you during transit.

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