Being in a long distance relationship is not a cake walk especially when the relationship is in its blooming phase. The fact that both the partners will be physically away from each other will have their own erratic schedules and deadlines to match, a different set of priorities and the way to continue the relationship is communication is not easy. Many people fall victim to loneliness, stress, and complications that come along with long distance relationship leading to cheating, lies or break up but some relationships do result in a marriage. So what should be done if you are in a long distance relationship and want it to have a fairytale ending? Check out these realistic tips that will make your relationship easy and interesting:

Ø Define the relationship: This is very important so that both the partners are on the same page. What kind of relationship are you headed towards? Are you both exclusive or in an open relationship? Is it a casual one or you both are thinking of long term commitment? The answer will determine the whole dynamic of a relationship and hence it is important to have a proper discussion before getting too involved.

Ø Set up ground rules mutually: What are the ground rules in your long distance relationship? If one partner is going to a club and socializing is the other partner okay about it? It is important to set up ground rules that are binding on both and will make both of them accountable and responsible towards each other.

Ø Give surprise visits: In order to keep the relationship going, it is important to have a spark. So from time to time give each other surprise visits on special occasions and create memories. If finance is the concern then check out for ticket vouchers or traveling deals and discount codes. But make sure you visit each other else it will not be easy to keep things together.

Ø Make the most of digitization: It is the world of digitization and you can be together even miles apart. How? Simple video calls through Skype, FB messenger, WhatsApp and what not will help you to feel close to each other and see each other while talking. Couples can also watch the same movie and even send naughty emails to spice things up.

Ø Send personalize gifts: Give your partner something to hold on to at the time of crisis. That one thing that means a lot and makes him feel close to you. Personalise gifts like a customised T-shirt or engraved watch or wall frame can make him feel a part of you with him always.

Ø Don’t stalk: Do not stalk each other at every social networking site and keep interrogating about every Homo sapiens in his life. Let the distance between you make the moments special and value each other more. Stalking, on the other hand, is like virtual nagging that will make the relationship bitter.

Yes, long distance can be exhausting but with the right attitude, mutual efforts and proper communication it can conquer all the challenges and can turn out to be the most beautiful and satisfying relationship. So if you are in a long distance relationship then don’t fret the worst rather invest in the positive.

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