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Pro Football Hall of Fame: Roger Craig belongs in

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If there is anyone that deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame more than some members is Roger Craig.  Former #33 for the 49ers and the first RB to be a real dual threat.  Craig was very adept at both running and receiving.  In 1985 he was the first RB to run and receive for over a thousand yards in each category.  Craig ran for 1,050 yards and had 1,016 yards in receptions.  For his career, Craig rushed for 8,189 yards and had 4,911 in receiving yards over a career that expands to 11 seasons.

Roger Craig was the first to score three touchdowns in a Super Bowl.  He did this against the Dolphins.  The 49ers dominated that Super Bowl to win 38-16 and claim their second of what would be 5 Super Bowls.  Roger Craig was around for 3 of those Super Bowls.

Roger Craig was the first dual threat RB.  His contributions to the game cannot be understated.  His natural affinity to pick up Bill Walsh’s West Coast offense was amazing.  To watch him pick up his knees and struggle to gain extra yards was poetry in motion.  His multi-faceted style of play gave way to the new NFL RB that both rush and receive causing NFL players to play at a higher-skill level.  We can thank Craig for this.

Before Roger Craig came along, the roll of the RB was to run.  They had no other role.  This made them one dimensional.  By adding the passing element, the West Coast Offense was born.  Roger Craig’s ability to catch a football made him a dual threat.  Make no mistake; Roger Craig is a major part of the 49ers 5 Super Bowl dynasty.

Another year and another opportunity is arriving for the people that vote who gets into the HOF redeem themselves, and do what is right, electing Roger Craig into the NFL Hall of Fame.

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