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Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Videos

Posting video on social media is always a good way to get people’s attention, whether you’re trying to promote your business or you want to become a social influencer. Anyone can create and post a video, but making a quality video can be more difficult than you might imagine. Even if your videos are fairly good, you can always improve upon them. Sometimes it only takes a few small changes to make a big difference to the quality of your videos. If you want to improve your social videos, try these quick tips to make your videos more engaging.

Add Text to Videos for a Clear Message

Video relies on not just images but also sound. However, there are many occasions when people might not want to play the sound on a video or they might be unable to hear it. When this is the case, having text that gets your message across is important too. Using closed captioning services, you can make sure that everything said in a video is shown in text as it plays. You can also simply add text in prominent ways to emphasize the points that you’re making. It can create a more visual way to make your point.

Improve Your Lighting

Badly lit videos might sometimes be fine to watch, but they could discourage people from sharing them. There are different types of video that you might share, but if you share something that’s “live action” rather than animation, lighting is one of the most important aspects. You need to have adequate lighting, and preferably use studio lighting if you have it. You can easily buy small but powerful lights that don’t cost too much if you don’t want to go all out but you still want to improve the lighting in your videos.

Boost the Sound

Sound is also very important for the quality of your videos. It might be possible to improve the sound once you’ve recorded your video, but it’s much easier to start with quality sound. Choosing the right microphone can make all the difference. So if you’ve been relying on your phone to record sound for you or using the cheapest microphone that you can find, it might be time for an upgrade. Buying a new microphone could completely change your videos and it’s useful for other content like podcasts too.

Clean Up Your Shooting Environment

If you usually create your videos indoors, perhaps with you in front of the camera, you should pay attention to the environment that you film in. To begin with, simply ensuring you’re filming in a clean and tidy environment is a good start. Having a clean backdrop and nothing cluttering up your videos will help you to create quality content. Think about the noise around you too. You don’t want background noise distracting you or showing up in your videos so trying to have a quiet environment will help you.

It doesn’t take much to improve your social videos. A few quick changes and you can create much more attractive content.

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