The driveway is one of the most used areas of the home that is often neglected, until you notice a stain or crack. If you want to maintain your driveway for longer, you have to give the attention it deserves. By giving it proper care and attention, you can ensure that it’ll last and serve you for a longer period of time.

Below are seven tips to help you maintain your driveway.

1. Have appropriate curing upon installation

To ensure that your driveway stays in pristine condition, you have to understand the curing process. For installation, hire the best driveway paving service to ensure your property gets the appropriate curing.

Correct curing is vital for overall quality of your driveway. And it’s not only about installation, you also have to consider the following things.

Don’t use the driveway for at least three days if you have a compact to mid-size vehicle. For vans, SUVs and trucks — you shouldn’t park them on the driveway for at least seven days.

Avoid using de-icing during the first winter months of installation. Don’t use de-icing products with ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate.

Don’t dig near your driveway to avoid the risk of weakening its support. Any shifting will result in surface irregularities and cracks.

2. Do regular clean-ups

Stains from radiator fluid and other similar substances affect more than just your driveway appearance. They can penetrate the concrete, eventually softening the asphalt.

● Clean up your driveway regularly by using a grease-cutting detergent and warm water.

● For old stains, scrub the stains repeatedly with biodegradable cleaners or grease-cutting detergent.

● Use a regular scrub brush instead of a wire brush to avoid damaging your driveway surface.

Make the most of your driveway by maintaining its cleanliness. It will help enhance its curb appeal and make it last longer. Your little maintenance now through regular cleaning will bring big returns later on.

3. Prevent cracks by sealing

No matter how old your driveways is, it’s never too late to protect it from the elements by sealing it. And since it’s hard to stop cracking once it begins to set in, sealing should be done as early as possible.

Every year, have your asphalt driveway undergo crack sealing. If you overlook this procedure, cracks can turn into large holes especially when moisture is present. The best time to seal the cracks in your driveway would be during July and August (or dryer months).

Fill the cracks

If holes or cracks appear on your driveway, make sure to patch them up immediately. A masonry chisel will help remove loose debris before you apply a patching compound and crack filler. After the compound dries out, seal the driveway and ensure that it’s smooth to prevent accidents.

4. Create a runoff area for water

Minimize water on your driveway by clearing a 2-3 inch strip around the edges. This will serve as a runoff area for snow and water to reduce the chances of it accumulating and entering the surface.

Also, make sure that downspouts empty into your yard rather than on the driveway.

Protect Edges

A driveway isn’t intended for heavy vehicles like trucks. The edges are the most vulnerable part which easily incur damages under excessive weight. So make sure that your car and construction vehicles park away from the edges.

5. Plow snow carefully

The blade of your snowplow should be high enough to make sure it doesn’t damage and scrape the driveway surface. If you’re shovelling snow, use a plastic shovel for irregular surfaces. You either shovel snow to the side or remove the snow inches at a time while working earthward.

6. Make sure to trim the edges regularly

Even if asphalt is durable, weeds and grass can eventually wreak havoc on its surfaces. Don’t let any of your plants take hold by regularly trimming the edges of your driveway. Edge trimming makes your lawn look cleaner and protects your driveway from corrosion.

7. Consult with a driveway paving professional

You may be able to do some driveway maintenance tasks like edge trimming by yourself. But, other tasks still require the expertise of a professional.

Consult with an expert about driveway paving to make sure you get the best results.

At the end of a long day, you’ll look forward to returning to the comforts of your home. Your home should be a space of recreation that you enjoy to come back to. And, the last thing you’d want to face is a driveway that is not only an eyesore but also hazardous for your family.

To fully enjoy relaxing in your home, make sure that your driveway is always in good condition.


Author Bio: Ron Shattuck Jr. built Shattuck Paving into a trusted, reputable family business. Ron Jr. learned a lot about the industry and the hard work ethic that Ronald Sr. lived by, and has now followed in his father’s shoes to operate the company and help it grow. Today, Shattuck Paving is more determined than ever to serve their customers’ needs with integrity. No compromises!

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