New Year’s Eve is one hell of a night. Constantly full of promise, expectations, disappointments and reflections, it can all get pretty messy and stressful pretty quickly. When it comes to finding something to get up to on the last night of the year, you already start to feel that all too familiar New Year’s pressure start to creep in. Do you go out and regret it or stay in and come down with a bad case of FOMO? With a seemingly unending amount of options and avenues to go down, it all piles up way too fast. But what if you could have a perfect New Year’s? One that’s there for all the action but still comfortable? Catered with a delicious meal? With a fun, spacious and calm atmosphere? Well, folks, you actually can! All you need to do is set sail on that glorious Sydney Harbour. If you’re still not quite convinced, here’s a few compelling reasons to hop on a cruise this New Year’s Eve…

Front row seats to the fireworks

The fireworks are the main event in Sydney on New Year’s, we all know that! People travel far and wide to set up a picnic spot or buy a pricey restaurant ticket to watch both the 9 o’clock and the big midnight show. Booking yourself onto a New Year’s Eve harbour cruise will put you centre stage with one of the finest views in the entire world as the backdrop for your special evening. You’ll snap pictures and videos that you can treasure and re-watch for a long time to come. No matter what age you might be, this is a very strong reason to climb aboard a New Year’s vessel – no backs of heads for you this year!

It’s a package expense

Ringing in the new year is expensive, whether you’ve invited your nearest and dearest over to yours or you’re partying it up at one of the city’s biggest venues, costs are unavoidable. The great thing about a cruise is that it’s a one- time payment, leaving you to sit back and actually enjoy the rest of your evening without having to worry about paying triple the normal rate for a drink! You can find cruise packages that kit you out with drinks, dinner, canapes and even coffee! Your ticket will cover the cost and ensure that you’re not just bleeding money the whole night.

You’ll skip the New Year’s Eve chaos

The city’s population seems to just boom at New Year’s, and that is certainly reflected in the public transport, roads, venues and picnic spots. The overcrowding can get extremely overwhelming, especially if you want to be somewhere that has a great view of the fireworks and is in amongst the action. You’ll be bobbing a vessel with a joyous atmosphere, without the crowding! Relax and get to know the other passengers with dancing and music to keep the party going.

It’ll be a night to remember

If you’re hunting for a New Year’s Eve that you’ll never forget, then a cruise is absolutely the option for you! More often than not, this night is always a letdown, so why not treat yourself to a magical evening with your loved ones that you will remember forever? Everyone needs a little bit of indulgence in their life from time to time, and this is the perfect night to invest in your joy!

Well, by now you should be itching to explore your options for New Year’s cruises in Sydney! You better get booking soon, the big night isn’t too far away!

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