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Currently, everything is being automated: electric blinds, capsule coffee makers and even kitchen robots. But who has not dreamed of not having to clean, or that one day the house cleaning is done automatically? Well, today the closest thing there is the robot vacuum cleaner. These small and innovative appliances have completely revolutionized the way we clean, making our work easier. However, there are some tips you should know before buying one of these “wonders.”

We tell you below if it is worth buying in your situation or not.

Think about how you are going to use the robot vacuum cleaner

Many people look for daily cleaning in their robot vacuum cleaner, others a deep cleaning and others a complement of cleaning. Some robots have little suction power, for this reason, they act like a broom and sweep the floor but do not vacuum it. In other cases, they do have the vacuum function but not a brush that is responsible for sweeping. Therefore, before buying it, you must be clear about what you expect from it.

Do you have a large or difficult to clean house?

Depending on the square meters your home has, you will have to think about a robot with greater or lesser autonomy. Otherwise, you may run out of battery before cleaning. If your house is very large, you may need a robot with an extra-large deposit.

Think about how many objects, obstacles, and furniture your robot can find during its programming. Some models tend to get entangled in the cables they find in their path, and another common problem is the one that arises with the carpets since some robots wrinkle and moves them making cleaning difficult. The biggest drawback is that of robots with too sensitive sensors. Some models perceive the distant obstacles and stop without even approaching, leaving the dirty area and without aspirating.

How much can you spend on the cleaning robot? 

In the market, there are many models with different characteristics and a great variety of prices. When it comes to vacuum robots, the difference is in the price. It is one of those cases in which you cannot expect the same results for 100$ as for 800$. Think about the details you want your robot to have: that it has a HEPA filter, that it is silent or that it has rotating brushes or mop. That is why the best advice before buying one is to search and compare prices.

After considering all these guidelines, you are ready to buy your robot vacuum cleaner. It is something that costs hundreds of euros depending on the model. It will take your job away, but will it compensate you?

So are the Roborock S6

The Roborock S6, which we analyzed thoroughly a few days ago, has one of the most powerful suction systems, there will be nothing to resist it. Set it easily from your smartphone and let it take care of everything, cleaning different rooms and reaching any corner that hides dirt. It is also silent and it will not bother your rest hours.

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