Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is produced naturally in the human body. The medicated form of melatonin is manufactured on large-scale under laboratory conditions. The hormone is usually recommended in the form of pills and can be procured against a prescription. Transdermal patches are other helpful melatonin-based products that are used for their sleep-inducing properties. In certain cases, melatonin is also available in a form that can be placed under the cheek or tongue. This allows for the direct absorption of melatonin in the body.

In the paras below, we will help you understand the utility of melatonin in its entirety. You’ll get to know how users are benefiting greatly by taking products and supplements containing melatonin.

Why is Melatonin Necessary?

Melatonin is also recommended for some people for adjusting their internal bio clock. It is most effective in taking care of all visible signs and symptoms of insomnia. It induces sleep in different conditions such as jet lags, long hours of work, work-related shift disorders, and so forth. Melatonin is specifically important for those going through hectic schedule changes. It succeeds in adjusting their sleep-wake cycles to a very large extent. Overall, it enables regular day and night sleep cycles to help individuals enjoy better health and mental well-being.

The Function of Melatonin

Melatonin plays the primary responsibility of regulating the day and night cycles of the body. It helps in synchronizing the sleep-wake cycles in line with the other activities of an individual. Therefore, if you’re having a problem falling asleep during regular bedtime hours, then you can get rid of the signs of delayed sleep phase syndrome by taking the recommended amount of melatonin. A reduction in the amount of melatonin in the body causes wakefulness and prevents one from sleeping. The level of melatonin in the body increases during the night and encourages sleepiness. The levels decrease during the day time to keep you active and awake. In case you’re facing any fluctuations in sleep patterns, then your health care specialist will recommend melatonin pills to regulate it.

Sleep Disorders and Melatonin

The oral intake of melatonin in the form of pills reduces the time required for children and young adults to fall asleep. However, studies have shown that if the medication is discontinued then it takes less than a year for the sleep pattern to be erratic all over again. The use of melatonin pills or other products, just before going to bed, has a positive reaction on the sleep patterns of blind adults and children alike.

The sleep disturbances attributed to specific blood pressure medicines, such as beta blocker-induced conditions of insomnia, are known to lower melatonin levels. These medicines include atenolol and propranolol. According to certain research reports, regular consumption of melatonin supplements is instrumental in reducing the problems occurring in patients who are recommended beta-blocker drugs. The use of melatonin decreases the pain caused during intercourse, menstruation, and while visiting the washroom. Besides, melatonin is also prescribed to women suffering from endometriosis, which is a painful uterine disorder.

Insomnia and Use of Melatonin

In case you’re suffering from the signs of primary insomnia (a type of insomnia that’s unrelated to environmental or medical causes), then melatonin can reduce the time required for falling asleep. Melatonin has a small impact on sleep efficiency and makes people sleep better and for a longer time. However, tests are in disagreement with these reports. A lot of research is underway to help scientists understand more about the impact of melatonin on insomnia, both primary and secondary types.

Secondary insomnia refers to problems in sleeping patterns that are a result of other conditions. These conditions include and are not restricted to schizophrenia, intellectual disabilities, epilepsy, autism, depression, developmental disabilities, and so forth. It’s also uncertain whether melatonin has any impact on sleep problems in patients diagnosed for Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc. or those undergoing dialysis.

Side Effects and Warnings Related to Melatonin

As with all other types of health supplements and nutritional doses, melatonin has a mix of benefits to its credit. As per researchers and scientists, the melatonin side effects are quite harmless and do not come in the way of the overall performance of this hormone. However, it’s always better to go about the act under the direct supervision of experienced health care professionals. For instance, melatonin is considered to be possibly unsafe for ladies if they plan to take oral pills, frequent injections, or a very high dosage of melatonin while attempting pregnancy. As melatonin doses may show signs similar to that of birth control, it makes it difficult for women to conceive easily. These side effects and reactions have to be kept in mind while taking melatonin. On the same lines, ladies breast-feeding young ones are advised not to take melatonin in any form or quantity.

Effect of Melatonin on Jet-lagged People

While melatonin may lead to a reduction in the signs of jet lag, such as movement coordination and alertness, it cannot affect the time taken to fall asleep while suffering from the condition. Tiredness and sleepiness are the other signs of jet lag that are reduced to a small extent.

Pre-surgery Anxiety and Melatonin Dose

There are some conventional medicines such as midazolam that are recommended for curbing pre-surgery anxiety and nervousness. Melatonin also gives off the same effect though it may present side effects in certain people. There are mixed reports linked with the role played by melatonin in those on the verge of undergoing a surgery. There are positive indications that suggest taking melatonin before sevoflurane anesthesia is administered. This helps in reducing any agitation once the surgery is over.

Last Word

According to health care specialists, there are several beneficial effects of taking melatonin in its recommended dose. You may want to research further to ascertain how you can use the goodness of this hormone to get optimal results. Look forward to sleeping in time and waking up fresh with melatonin, your body needs it.

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