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If you are considering a fresh new look for your home or rooms of your home, you might consider some hot new trends in home furnishings that are sure to have staying power. In fact, there are some exciting new trends for every budget range. You can achieve a great makeover for the living room, master bedroom, or any room of the house by following hot ideas in home furnishings.

Interchangeable Accents

According to House Beautiful, designers expect “a trend towards chameleon décor. Instead of setting on one fixed look, people will opt for a neutral base and use big-impact accents.” This is a great idea because people can affordably change their décor from season to season by swapping out accessories. It’s a great way to keep your environment looking fresh.

Gemstone Colors–in the Kitchen!

As the veritable heart of the home, it isn’t surprising that designers are planning some exciting options for kitchen design. From custom cabinets in jewel tones to copper back splashes, kitchen furnishings may be more glamorous than ever. If painted furniture isn’t your cup of tea, warm, honey-toned woods will also be in vogue for kitchen and dining room tables.

Master “Sanctuary” Bedroom

There are always design trends when it comes to bedroom furnishings, but in a day, you can expect to see furniture designed with ultimate comfort in mind. From opulent sleigh beds to beautiful panel beds, decorators will be able to transform the master bedroom into the oasis that people can’t wait to get home to.

Blue and Gray

When it comes to colors for any room in the house, blue and gray are going to be popular with designers this coming year. Gray complements traditional or modern décor. You can complement a gray bathroom with eye-catching metallic accents. Shades of blue are also expected to be popular with home decorators this year. Whether you prefer bright turquoise or dark Prussian blue, you can add blue to your walls, fabrics, or assorted furnishings in any room of the house.

Ramp up the Glamour

Don’t be afraid to revisit the glamorous styles of yesteryear in your home. For instance, a glass dining room table is reminiscent of majestic Art Deco style, but it’s perfectly in keeping with modern luxury styles too. You can add more glamour to your abode by choosing overstuffed furniture with luxuriant upholstery, velvet draperies, and rich wood tables that feature great artistry.

Retro-Modern Merge

When you visit your favorite home furnishings stores, you’ll be apt to find many retro styles that have been tweaked with modern touches. In fact, many of today’s designers are taking their design queues from mid-century furniture. Sleek styles and honey-wood tones are reminiscent of furnishings from the 1950s. For a brand-new focal point, choose a retro-style lighting fixture for your living room or above your dining room table.

Make sure you keep these trends in mind when you shop for home furnishings in 2016. These styles have staying power, so don’t be afraid to choose a few for your home makeover.

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