Marriage Hot

Would you like to keep your marriage hot? If so, read on to find out how as this article has tips on how couples can keep their marriage feeling fresh. And without further ado, here are tips for keeping marriage hot:

  1. Set Boundaries with Your Immediate or Nuclear Family

If you want to keep your marriage hot, it is important for your routine to include individual, couples and family time. Also, redefine lines of connection with your family and your partner’s family. This will help you avoid spending too much time with your family so that you can spend enough time with your partner. To keep your marriage hot, prioritize your partner’s relationship and family.

  1. Touch Your Partner on a Regular Basis  

Hand holding, non-sexual physical touching, laying together, kissing hello and goodbye and sitting on the couch together can help you and your partner connect emotionally. If you don’t touch your partner on a daily basis, try it today and I can assure you that you and your partner will feel a new sense of connection.

  1. Say I Love You to Each Other Often

Saying I love you to each other more often is reassuring and can help strengthen your bond with each other. Even though saying I love you is a small gesture, it goes a long way in keeping your marriage hot. In case you don’t say these three words to your partner in the morning, call him or her during the day and tell them how much you love him or her.

  1. Have Physical Intimacy Dates on a Regular Basis

Sex is a principal part of happy relationships. Couples in their 20’s have sex 2-4 times a week, those in their 30’s have sex two times a week, while those in their 40’s and 50’s have it once to twice a week. How many times a week do you have sex? Avoid having sex less than two times a month as this can negatively affect your marriage.

Keep in mind that a physical connection can give your marriage staying power and protect it from the stresses of life. You can either set aside time to have sex or do it spontaneously. Regular sex and intimacy are very important. Give it a top priority. Sex should be “tension reducing and relaxing and not tension producing.

  1. Compliment Your Spouse Publicly

Complimenting your spouse in front of others is beneficial in many ways. It will build your partner’s self-esteem, make him or her feel a deep sense of attachment and is a nice thing to do. In addition, if you have children, complimenting each other will be good modeling for them.

Different Sexual Script

  1. Use a Different Sexual Script From Time to Time

Changing your sexual script entails mixing up your usual order of kissing, foreplay, and sexual intercourse. Doing this can help both of you connect in a way that you may never have thought of before.  Using a different sexual script from time to time can enable you to take ownership of eroticism and pleasure in your marriage. Try introducing different things like prostate stimulation, toys and role play. Having a partner who takes charge of the sexual relationship and feeling desired can help keep a marriage fresh.

  1. Give Each other Gestures of Loving and Caring Behaviors or Small Gifts

Getting your partner a special treat from the store or when you go on a business trip, writing him or her a loving note, writing I love you in her lipstick on the bathroom are some of the things that can help maintain an ongoing connection. Some of these things may seem small but they are very important.

  1. Keep Eye Contact During Sex

Keeping eye contact during sex can make sex so much better. In fact, if you feel more daring, you can lock a gaze during orgasm. Keeping eye contact during sex involves courage and can show true intimacy. It will make your partner feel prioritized, loved and connected. The good thing about this is that it is better than a romantic getaway and it can be done at home and at any time.

  1. Consider Having Weekly Dates on a Regular Basis

Weekly dates can help keep your connection alive. As such they are very important for those who want to keep their marriages hot. You should separately have weekly couple’s business meetings to discuss ongoing family matters such as weekly plans, division of roles and household duties and any other things related to the relationship that need to be discussed.

Separate weekly business meetings from weekly dates so that dates can only be about talking, connecting and being physical. Organizational business night, on the other hand, should be all about problem-solving and working together as a team during the week.

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