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So, you have been talking to her for a while, and now think you have gotten to a point where you can go ahead and do the first date. To cap off a great start, she has enthusiastically said ‘yes’, and you are totally in the clouds.

However, you might need to calm it down because there is always the chance that you will blow it. Here is how you need to behave so as not to jinx it;

  1. Be yourself

She does not want you to be perfect, and she is probably not looking for a movie star. The best favor you can do for yourself is to just be yourself. Do not put on airs that might give her the wrong ideas. Keep it simple and don’t try to be anything you are not.

  1. Try to find something in common

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Look through her photos and post, read her thoughts and find out her interests. Check out her hobbies, and identify what you have in common.

  1. Watch your appearance

You don’t really need to wear the latest edition of Versace, Gucci or Alexander McQueen in order to be ‘he-man’. However, you do have to make some effort to stand out. Its simple-just be the best version of yourself there is.

Wear something you feel comfortable in because of comfort boosts confidence. Keep your hair neat and nice, and have a well-groomed beard to go along with.

  1. Try to listen

Women love a good listener. They want to know that you understand and identify with them, so you need to be that person. Pay attention to what she says and react in the right way. Additionally, keep in mind that women use lots of nonverbal cues, so also pay attention to what she does NOT say.

  1. Do not overshare

Listen, we all have a past. We have all had good and bad times. The first date is not the time to tell her about all your relationship woes. Women do not really want to know about that ex who cheated on you with her barber. Believe me, it is not a good point to start off.

Just keep those intricate details for the future, when she is more comfortable around you. She will want to hear that at some point, but that point is not now.

  1. Bring a small present

Women love it when giving them an odd present, and flowers are a good idea when it comes to sweetening the deal. The flowers you go for do not have to be expensive at all, but they do have to be thoughtful.

Women are great romantics, so get something romantic for her. Red is considered one of the most romantic colors out there- that might be a pretty good point to get started.

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  1. Try not to be selfish

You have to think about her. Do not focus your preparations on what is good for you. Think about what she might like too. Consider her choice of location, food, or even music. When it comes to the conversations, don’t hog all the talk. She wants to be part of the date too!


The first date is a culmination of many days of talking to that woman you really like, so you definitely want it to go well. Just be prepared, stay confident and remember to be yourself at all times. Follow the tips above and you will definitely get a second date in the coming days!

About Author: Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. Her main interests are traveling, meeting new people and trying something new. She is experienced in marketing, business, travel, and technology topics.

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