Seem worried! Are you? Plan a new start now, even after the years of your divorce. Although, you have agreed to the terms of child support.

You are ready to step into a new path where things are going to change. You have a child from your previous marriage. The person you are about to get married also has a child from their ex-spouse. Now, you have to think about your spouse’s child. Are you planning for adoption? Might hoping for financial stability and want to start a new family.

You need to bring your attention to the legal constraints. So, you will get the idea that in which circumstances you are allowed to take steps or which comes under prohibition. Well, in the case of child support, the different region has its policies based on the area you live within. Each state in the United States has its laws regarding child support. The question arises in several minds.


It is a duty and responsibility of noncustodial parents imposed by the court to contribute to raising his/her legally dependent child. It is both the legal and moral obligation of both the parents to have a fair contribution in raising their child. While in some cases, both parents are acting as the noncustodial parent. So, whoever is raising (could be a grandparent) or someone acting as a guardian. Both parents have to pay a fair contribution to child support to that person who is caring for the child.

By getting correct and authentic information, you can ask about child support from your divorce attorney who can also provide you better guidance on the matter of child support.


It does not have any impact on remarrying and it does not harm child support. By the law, both legal parents of the child are responsible for child support. Otherwise, the person who is marrying the child-mother or father is not accountable for child support. You also may consult the matter of remarriage and child support from the attorney.

However, choosing the right divorce attorney is critical. The professionals at The Sanders Firm, P.A can help guide you throughout your divorce process.


Well, he will also have the right to make a new start or family. However, not at the expense of your spouse child. So it is better to consult the attorneys about the legal obligations regarding your previous spouse and children before starting a new family or new marriage. For getting more information about child custody, you may contact your attorney.


If you are about having a new child from your current spouse., you will be facing financial challenges in this regard. You can appeal for a reduction in child support. The court may look after your matter and ease your child support payment. The modification in the child support payment process may differ from state to state.

But if your income has increased considerably after marrying your current spouse. Then the court may consider a modification in your child support payments. The laws regarding this also vary from state to state so you can consult your attorney within the area you live to get the assistance you require.

Choosing the right divorce attorney is critical. The professionals at The Sanders Firm, P.A can help guide you throughout your divorce process.


The custodial parent is the one who has the physical custody of the child or with whom the child resides most of the time. The custodial parent is responsible for the daily care of the child and is the one who receives the support payment from the non-custodial parent.

The custodial parent needs to consider what the legal ramifications will be if they remarry and what options they are looking at if the new spouse decides to adopt their children.

Generally, the remarriage has no impact on whether you receive child support or not. The law directs that the child’s birth parents are responsible for the child’s support and no one else. Therefore, in most states, the courts will not reduce a non-custodial parent or obligor’s child support payments due to a custodial parent’s decision to remarry.

Although the child-support provider does have the right to contest if they think now, that is unfair. It is true if the new spouse can provide extra financial assistance for the child. In such cases, the obligations in child support for non-custodial parents might be reduced accordingly.

However, barring such declaration, the birth parent has to continue to provide the child support payment even if the custodial parent remarries.

After getting divorced, the most concerning matter is child protection and their support that brings several implications under the child support law that demands an equal share of income and responsibilities from both the parents during the process of the child upbringing. It is strictly imposed law by the government to the parents who are responsible for providing necessities to their child that meets their living standards.

However, this law does not stop you from marrying again . it does not affect your child support while it might get reduced and terminated in some severe cases.

It includes a detailed description and division between the legal parents of the child. Some people get crack under strain by not knowing the rules. They try to settle the battle without getting aware of their state law. The best way to get every detail correct and making the smart decision can save your time and money from being devastated. It is better to consult with the divorce attorney of your region so that you can avoid risks by making decisions and come up with a better solution that will cause no harm in the future.


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