Not everyone finds it easy to comprehend or understand all the terms and conditions that are specified in an insurance policy. While most of them rely on insurance staff for making decisions, others follow their friends or trusted allies to purchase an insurance policy.

You also have people who do neither of this, but, buy, a policy that is good enough to help them save taxes. But health insurance is not one that you should take up without understanding the terms and conditions. For at the time of emergency health issues and hospitalization for the same, you might be left with a policy that does not help you reduce the financial burden.

The Religare Health insurance plans are designed to offer you complete peace of mind as far as health care is concerned.

Myths about health insurance

There is no dearth for myths that surround health insurance policy. There are a number of myths that you as a consumer might have for not finding the health insurance a worthwhile proposition. The other myths are those that who have a health insurance policy suffer from due to lack of awareness while taking the policy.

Why you might not opt for health insurance- Myths and facts

Myth: There is no need for health insurance when you are young

Fact: there are studies that suggest while one side there is an uptrend in the life expectancy of a person, on the flip side you do have an increase in the number of untimely and premature deaths in the form of illness as well as accidents. Therefore, in the best interests of your family and to ensure that you do not leave them behind in a financial mess, it is important to opt for health insurance.

Myth: My Employer Has Me Covered in a Group Insurance Policy

At present, insurance cover is indeed a perk that comes with your salary. Though it is good that you are covered, it is important to learn how much of cover the policy offers and opt for additional coverage or buy a new policy that covers what is not covered in the other policy. Similarly, when you leave the job, you might have to bid adieu to the policy as well. In such a case, you would be exposed to perils without any insurance cover.

Myth: I Drink/Smoke, I Will Not Be Eligible For Health Insurance

This is an absurd premise. You are eligible to buy health insurance. But, you might have to shell out extra premium considering the health hazards these habits pose. But, it is indeed worth having health insurance for the same reason.

Myth: There is no family history of health problem. Therefore, there is no need for a health insurance policy.

Though the cause for most of the serious, life-threatening diseases is considered to be hereditary. The changes in lifestyle in present times has made each and every individual whether young or old is susceptible to life-threatening as well as those that might require surgery, prolonged stay in the hospital as well as expensive treatment procedures. Therefore, having health insurance such as Religare health insurance that offers cashless hospitalization cover in its 6000+hospitals across the country.

Myth: Health Cover Will Only Cover Hospitalization Expenses.

There are a number of health insurance service providers as well an as-as number of plans that each service providers offer. The Religare health insurance policy offers coverage not only for hospitalization but also for alternative medicine options such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc. most policies also carry a preventative health check-up cover annually and make you eligible for pharma discounts. These are all benefits of holding a health insurance policy.

Myth: I Can Opt For Health Insurance When I Have A Surgery To Be Done.

While health covers are designed to cover such major surgeries, you will not be eligible to make claims as soon as you take the policy. Most of the policies come with a waiting period of 30-90 days. If you buy a policy without disclosing about a pre-existing illness, the policy will become null and void. But, you can still avail policies even if you have a pre-existing illness. But, the waiting period for you to make a claim would be 2-3 years.

Myth: The Policy That Costs Less Is The Ideal Policy

This is not true. A policy that costs less would have a lot of exclusions and might leave you uninsulated when you are in need of finances to meet the hospital expenses. It would not offer benefits as in the case of Religare health insurance policy that offers benefits such as cashless claim, cashless hospitalization, treatment of over 540+ day care treatments. Though it might charge a slightly extra premium, the benefits it offers would be well worth the money.

Myth: if the list of daycare procedures are lengthy, the number of procedures it covers would be better.

The contrary is true. A longer list of day care procedure meant, the more specific and limited the coverage and acceptance of claims would be. For example, it is better to have a plan that covers cataract surgery of the eye rather than the plan that covers eye surgeries mentioned as incision of the cornea.

Religare Health insurance

Religare health insurance is a health insurance services provider in India. It offers quality health insurance products that cater to individuals, group insurance for employees of a corporate and others. Religare is promoted by the founders of Fortis health care. You may consider this as a reason for the health insurance policies that come with preventative health cover as well as discounts in pharma. Apart from the automatic recharge of the insured amount, Religare health insurance care also increases the sum insured to a range of 150% in the case of an NCB. Religare insurance has been awarded the claims service leader for the year 2018. It has already won the award for a Best insurance company in the year2015.

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