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Relm Diggie’s career in music


November 20, 2020

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Relm Diggie is a songwriter, who was passionate about writing songs from his childhood. He is also a rapper and singer. Being interested in storytelling from his childhood, he also wishes to write and share his story with the world. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. There was nothing else in his mind other than to pursue his music journey. His song was first played on a local radio channel. He gained a lot of appreciation and love from people for this song and that paved the path for his music journey. He always tries to create unique and creative music. He wants to use his music as inspiration for others and his son too.

Relm Diggie’s History

He has loved storytelling and songwriting since his childhood. He was in grade 4 when he wished to tell the world about his story of life. One day his teacher asked the students to write their stories, it was Relm who completed the task in just 20 minutes before. His writing skills and highly appreciated by his teacher. He continued his passion as a songwriter and singer.

He had faced a lot of hurdles in his life. It was a difficult time for him when his manager was murdered, who was very close to him.

Relm Diggie’s journey in music

It was the major breakthrough when his song was first released by a local radio station. The song was appreciated by the listeners. This major success in the start pushed him to move to cross the California country. Moving to California was not easy for him, and he faced a lot of hurdles while moving to California. In his entire career, he worked with big names in music like Mr. Kane, Bizzy Bone, and E. White. He is performing across the world, with his powerful performance. Qatar and Doha are the countries where he recently performed. He has also traveled with D-12, Mobb Deep, and Cash Money.

Living out of the truck was another hurdle he faced in 2019. He was not even discouraged by this homelessness instead this helps him to work harder to achieve his goals. He was determined to make his destiny in music. To get some money for daily life necessities and to pay for water and gas, he sold his CDs in a hard time.

Recently he wrote the song “Here we go again” to reveal his sadness about the brutality of police for the black man. The song was released in summer 2020, during the protest in the United States against the murder of George Floyd. This black man was murdered by the policeman brutally in May 2020. This song is a message for all people sad by this incident. Within a few weeks of its release, this song gained millions of views over YouTube. The song is highly admired and loved by the public. The right time of release was a major factor in its success. Writing books and songs is his major motivation in his life.

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