rey mysterio

Rey Mysterio deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

One of the most decorated wrestlers in history, he’s earned himself the honor of being immortalized as one of the business’s best all-around workers.
The originator of the 619, Mysterio has had a long and successful career in ECW, WCW, and WWE.

When you think of all the cruiserweights on the current WWE roster, they owe a huge thanks to Mysterio for paving the way. He’s arguably the most successful high-flyer the company has ever seen.


Some of his earlier matches with Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, and Chris Jericho in WCW were what got me into wrestling. I always dreamed of one day being a wrestler, and Rey Mysterio was a big factor in that.

I recall buying PPV’s such as Halloween Havoc, Staracade, and Bash at the Beach, just to see him. Mysterio always left me in awe. I’ve never seen anyone quite like him in a wrestling ring. His moves were well calculated, and his matches were fast-paced. Rey Mysterio was the perfect wrestler.

Mysterio has been one of the most decorated wrestlers of our time, with 21 titles held during his time in WWE and WCW.

Mysterio has held the cruiserweight title eight times, a two-time heavyweight champion, and had also held the WWE Championship. He’s the 21st WWE Triple Crown Champion (a wrestler to win three of a single promotions championships ). In addition, he won the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Regardless of his in-ring work, Mysterio was also one of WWE’s most marketable superstars. He’s an idol in the Mexican community and did a lot to help build a wrestling culture there. His merchandise was some of WWE’s most popular, especially his signature mask.

Rey Mysterio was an inspiration for many young wrestling fans. Never the biggest, tallest, or most imposing of wrestlers, it was his heart and determination which carried him. Young kids looked up to Mysterio and wanted to be him.

If the WWE Hall of Fame is looking for a signature member of its 2018 class, they should look no further than Rey Mysterio. With the retirement of the Undertaker, it’s expected he will headline next year’s class, but the WWE can’t forget about Rey Mysterio. He’s a true legend in the wrestling world.

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