Here’s something that you won’t hear from me very often. I was wrong.

When it comes to the Austin Aries and Neville match for the Cruiserweight Title as part of the kick-off show at Wrestlemania 33, I was wrong.

If you read my article earlier in the week, I said a match like this, with its importance to a division that has been subpar since the Cruiserweight Classic, deserved a better fate.


Both Neville and Aries set the tone for the evening. It also once again proved that certain matches help define a career. For both man, looking to sell in a division that needs more drama, the match tore the roof off camping world stadium in Orlando. On a night when most things went right, what a great way to get the party started.

There is no reason to believe that this confrontation will end anytime soon. It has the makings of an instant classic like John Cena and CM Punk and Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Yes, it doesn’t make you think Michaels and Jericho, but there is plenty to build on for the next confrontation.

WWE has been looking for a spark to ignite the 205 Division and has played round robin with its host of talent. The injury to Aries, an eye injury which took him out of action, showed just how much these wrestlers needed a ringleader. Neville returned to the ring as the perfect heel. The former TNA Champion, the perfect hero. When both performers have chemistry in the ring, there is magic. The 75,000 people in attendance in Orlando saw that. The millions watching on the computer screens could only hope for more.

Professional wrestling has made its money over the years by telling a story. It’s a lost art form of late in this promotion. Veteran wrestlers know the importance of writing chapters the fans can read in living color. Neville and Aries have written their first few pages, which appears to be a masterpiece.

For that masterpiece to become a bestseller, WWE has to continue the fight. While feuds usually last three pay per view events, this one has staying power and can be revisited in the future.

Neville and Aries proved they could steal the show. Heck, Aries has been proving that for years on the Indy circuit and in TNA.  WWE now needs to take what has been discovered in enhance it. That means more work on Monday Night Raw and more depth added to a growing storyline.

This feud is what’s best for business. The right opponents, with the right outcome, as Neville retained the title. Aries will be looking for redemption in the coming weeks, and the fans will be looking for more of the same kind of intensity they saw on Sunday night.

A new feud with a chance for success. WWE could not have written a better script to kick WrestleMania 33 off the right way.

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