Cedar Point coaster Rougarou
Rougarou - Cedar Point

Some coasters are best to be avoided. Rougarou at Cedar Point is one of those coasters. While there are some highlights of the ride, a lot of it can be extremely painful.

I wasn’t a fan of Mantis. When Cedar Point decided to do away with the stand-up coaster and replace it with Rougarou, I was all for the change.

I had high hopes for this ride going into my first ride last season. Ultimately, I thought the ride itself was good. The loop at the beginning of the ride is one of the best I’ve ridden. However, it was my experience on Rougarou that left me with a massive headache.

At certain points of the ride, your head bounces back and forth. I tried to keep my head forward the entire ride, but it was no use, as the coaster whipped me in different directions.

I don’t know whether this is just me, but I kind of prefer Mantis over Rougarou. Yes, it’s probably for the best that the park removes the stand-up coaster. It’s just such an uncomfortable experience on Rougarou.

After my first experience on Rougarou, I waited a full year to try it again. Thankfully it was pretty much a walk-on. Again, the same experience of head banging occurred. It’s a shame too. I really want to like Rougarou.

I’ll give Rougarou one thing, the entrance to the ride is on point. I’m a sucker for elaborate and extravagant signs at the entrance to coasters. In fact, this coaster has one of the best I’ve seen at Cedar Point. While that doesn’t do enough to sway my opinion, it helps its cause a little bit.

If you’re going to Cedar Point for the first time, you’re going to need to ride this coaster. However, after that initial ride, I’d suggest forgetting all about it. Although, maybe your experience will be different from mine. And if it is, I applaud you. Just don’t be looking for me to be sitting next to you.

Again, not the worst ride in the world. If it weren’t for the brief moment of head banging I’d love the coaster. It’s just not my cup of tea. Some love Rougarou. I’m not one of them.

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  1. I was looking for something that talked about the headaches that Rougarou gives and all the head banging. Thankful for this blog!

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