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Wonder Mountain - Canada's Wonderland

What Are The Best Coasters At Canada’s Wonderland?

Canada's Wonderland is one of many Cedar Fair owned parks in North America. And while the park isn't their best, it certainly has its highlights. So, what are the best coasters at Canada's Wonderland? 5. Wonder Mountain's Guardian It's tough to classify this as a coaster. And while it's best to consider it a dark ride, there are coaster elements to it. A classic arcade shooter ride, you start on
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Cedar Fair Has Announced Four New Coasters For 2018, What Will They Be?

What does Cedar Fair have up its sleeve for 2018? We've heard they are putting in four new coasters at their many theme parks in the coming year. The question is, "What are they, and who will get them?" We know that two of the coasters will be the RMC refurbished Mean Streak and Hurler at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion. Cedar Fair also gave a hint as to the
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What Are The Top-Five Coasters At Cedar Point?

With Cedar Point being the roller coaster capital of the world, the question of which is the best is a highly contested topic. I've got my opinions on them, and I'll list my top-five. 5. Top Thrill Dragster I'll catch major heat for this being so low on my list, but it's just not a coaster I enjoy. Only about a 45-second ride, Top Thrill is certainly intense, but not