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Here’s an editorial list all of the weekly briefs of Science and
Technology of the beyond week from February 6-12, 2021. Josh brings an
amalgamation of all technology and tech activities for the applicants preparing
for aggressive exams.

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Connected network
Connected network around planet Earth from space for global communication technology concept in Asia as Internet of Things, mobile web, fintech blockchain, big data, cloud, world element from NASA

Science and Tech Weekly

Listed under are all of the
critical activities which have came about during the last week withinside the subject of
Science and Technology. Know approximately all critical updates like Smart wall
for borders, Sri Shakti Satellite and others here.

What is Smart Wall for Borders?

  1. Joe Biden has halted the development of the
    border wall among the United States and Mexico and has proposed an alternative
    clever wall in region of that.
  2. Smart Wall could be fixing border protection
    problems with out inflicting a bodily barrier the use of sensors, radars and
    different surveillance technology to hit upon and tune border break-in.
  3. The wall could be developing a technological
    barrier that is, it’s far too excessive to climb over or too extensive to move or too
    deep to burrow.
  4. The wall could be the use of Internet of Things(IoT) like sensors, protection cameras, software program answers and greater.
  5. The wall could additionally be able to
    distinguishing among animals and human beings and vehicles. An alert could
    additionally be generated to the officials if there’s a breach with the aid of using human beings.

Know all information about Smart wall for borders here

Sri Shakti Sat


Students of Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology
of Coimbatore have designed a satellite tv for pc named Sri Shakti Sat. It could
be released with the aid of using ISRO chairman on February 28, 2021.

The Inspiration:

The formation of the Indian National Space Promotion and
Authorisation Centre in June ultimate 12 months had stimulated 12 college students of the
institute to collaborate with ISRO and develop ‘SriShaktiSat’.

About the Satellite:

  1. Sri Shakti Sat is a nanosatellite that weighs most effective 460 grams
  2. Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre known as IN-SPACe could assist release it
  3. Along with the Sri Shakthi satellite tv for pc, ISRO
    could additionally release the satellite tv for pc advanced with the aid of using different establishments from
    Chennai and Nagpur, in its UNITYSat.
  4. The institute is likewise a member of the satellite tv for pc community open floor country and made a floor station.
  5. Sri Shakthi institute is likewise a member of the Satellite Networked Open Ground Station (SATNOGS) project.
  6. The lively length of the satellite tv for pc is six months however the indicators could be despatched for the subsequent 3 years in continuation.
  7. As the satellite tv for pc could be located at 500km to 575km above the earth, it’d move India two times in a day.

World’s biggest Radio Telescope:

Square Kilometre Array (SKA) observatory is an
intergovernmental corporation that’s new and devoted to radio
astronomy. It is centered withinside the UK. The biggest radio telescope is
known as the Square Kilometre Array telescope. Currently, organisations
from ten nations are part of the SKAO.

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Italy
  6. New Zealand
  7. South Africa
  8. Sweden
  9. Netherlands
  10. UK

What is a Radio telescope?


Radio telescopes have the capacity to hit upon invisible gases
which ordinary telescopes can’t do. This is the cause why they can
display regions of area which can be blocked because of cosmic dust.  Know all approximately SKA telescope here


The first-ever radio indicators have been detected with the aid of using physicist Karl Jansky withinside the 1930s

About Combat Air Teaming System

  1. It is a composite aggregate of manned and unmanned
    structures that paintings to penetrate any region/ airspace, closely and
    doubtlessly defended with the aid of using the enemy.
  2. Combat Air Teaming System elements that have been displayed at Aero
    India 2021 additionally protected a cruise missile named CATS Hunter alongside with
    CATS ALFA-S switchblade swarm drone.
  3. This manned-unmanned teaming device continues to be in its early degrees in India

About Air Power Teaming System

The device incorporates diverse drones prepare in a service.
The service is then established on a fighter. It has the cappotential to glide
a hundred km earlier than deploying the drones.


These drones are able to hitting enemy goals like surface
to air missiles webweb sites and additionally the plane which can be parked at the
floor. The unswerving wing guy may be armed with air-to-air and
air-to-floor missiles as well.  Air fight teaming device details

About Tata’s Military plane


  1. This plane could be primarily based totally at the Grob G one hundred eighty SPn. It is a
    German-made jet that did now no longer attain its very last manufacturing because of financial
  2. This plane is able to flying at an altitude of 41,000 feet, having a most altitude of 45,000 feet.
  3. It could be used for move-border surveillance and sign intelligence and diverse different navy purposes.

Science and Tech Weekly Brief: In Short

Square Kilometre Array observatory is an intergovernmental corporation that’s new and devoted to radio astronomy.Radio Telescope
Radio telescopes are able to detecting invisible gases which ordinary telescopes can’t do.

SAAW is an indigenously advanced precision-guided, long-range,
stand-off munition made and designed with the aid of using Defence Research and
Development Organisation
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