Link building is a technique in search engine optimization or SEO that involves the linking of similar and authority websites to be higher in search results. SEO is a buzz in the digital marketing world. To gain that most coveted number one spot in a search engine page result is every business marketing team’s goal.

Link building is one of the methods being continuously explored to optimize a site to rank high on search engines. This is getting links done through hyperlinks towards your website. It is a way of telling users that another website can give them the answer that they are looking for or perhaps a variation of the idea being given by the website that they are on.

The links on the web are also used by bot crawlers to discover pages and eventually display it on relevant search results. As it has been said, links are not created to have the same effect on a certain site. The quality of the links (referring websites) towards your website matters on link building’s impact on Search Engine Optimization. Take the example below for you to have an idea.

To draw a simple picture of link building, imagine yourself in high school, and you have a particular idea that you relay to people. On the other hand, someone from your class relayed somewhat the same idea as yours. However, your idea was quoted by the principal and the president of your student council. Students of your school refer to you most of the time giving you popularity while burying the other’s idea.

The whole link building idea can be as complicated to some people that is why agencies exist to help businesses develop link building strategies that stick to search engines’ rules like the NO BS Agency.

Before we explore methods of link building, let’s check first what search engines’ crawl bots look for so your strategy will be successful:

High-Quality Source
A site that publishes relevant contents that are regularly updated and well-researched. The site does not hold spam contents.

Authority Websites
A leader in the field of which contents are being written for. Other sites refer to this site as they make articles for their websites.

Credible Sources
The site has been known by their clients and other industry leaders to deliver their product or service with quality which bar’s set high.

Sites that embody the three qualities carry with them “votes, followers, or however you call it.” Crawl bots would not read the content of your article or your website the way a human brain would comprehend it. They will rate your authority based on the types of sites linking back to you and the sites you are linking to.

Remember that not all links are created equal. Again, it goes back to the three qualities mentioned above. You should also be wary of links that can possibly harm your site.

Here are some link building methods for search engine optimization:

1. Link Baiting

This is a process of creating an excellent and relevant material that is designed to get the attention of others that will eventually lead them to cite it on their articles thus creating an inbound link to your site. The more websites of the same niche refer to your site tells the search engines that you are an authority that impacts your ranking on search results.

This is the role of link baiting to your SEO efforts. Here are examples of topics that can catch people’s attention:

● A recent study on a specific issue involving your same interest

● Materials that contain unique ideas

● Intriguing ideas regarding your niche

Invest in these materials, and surely you will get people to link to you. Simply put it this way, link baiting is claiming the credit you deserve for a job well done. This is not an overnight process, but it sure would pay you off in a more extended period.

2. Guest Blogging

You show others that you are an authority to be listened to without directly imposing.

Here are some ways to do guest blogging:

● Find sites that accept guest bloggers

● Create and publish exceptional content

● Create a bio that will tell them where you’re from (which site you consistently write)

3. Broken Link Building

Check for articles with high backlinks and see if they got some broken links on their article. Create an exceptional piece that can replace the broken one.

Reach out to the owner of the article or site and present the one you created. This can be tedious, yet it is like striking a mine once correctly executed.

4. Reclaim Missing Links

Reclaiming a missing link is a link building technique that enforces your authority on a certain topic. There are tools available for you to check as to who are those who have cited your content or article but did not put a link to your site. Once you’ve known them, reach out to them and ask if they can give you the credit that is due to you.

5. Links on Social Media

A popularity contest it is. Just like the story of the idea being shared by the principal and the president of the student council, how it works here though is that the more your site or article is seen and shared on social media platforms, the more people would refer to it.

Social media sharing starts as an indirect link building yet in the long run; people will go to your original link and use it on their articles or sites. Popularity and authority nowadays are directly proportional.

6. Reviews

Reviews are important for companies so you can allow influencers to do a review on your product. Surely, they will publish their reports on their sites while citing your site. In turn, you can also mention their reviews on your site. They are influencers for a reason. Their reach has already that breadth.

7. Video Transcription

Go to video hosting sites; find a video from an influencer of your niche. Check if the video has already a full transcription. If there is none, then you can make one and reach out to the influencer with the link of the transcript you’ve made. You will be given credit for the transcription, the followers of the influencer will likely check on your link and will be exposed to other relevant pages of your site. There you’ve got your backlink plus leads.


Do not do shortcuts on link building. Some methods promise overnight success yet investing in those can tank your website instead of advancing it. You evidently did not put too much effort into your business for it to go away in a short time. You have high hopes for it. You won’t look into marketing strategies if you do not have a vision. Better do this right! Success takes patience and excellence.

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