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Austin Events: The Best Things To Do In Austin This Coming Year

What would you do if you’re in Austin? With an awesome food scene, world-renowned festivals, a flourishing cultural scene, and spectacular galleries and museums. Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, will surely be an excellent experience for everyone. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Austin this coming year:

Listen to live music, watch a blockbuster movie or see incredible media at SXSW

If you’re in Austin between March 8 until March 17, 2019, the SXSW festival is one of those attractions you’d not want to miss. It’s a festival of interactive media, films, and music. SXSW was first held in 1987, and ever since then the festival just got even better. Watch the most anticipated film debuts and experience the hottest music festival in town. Sip on a cold cocktail at one of Austin’s cocktail bars while you listen to live music.

For an updated list of Austin events this weekend click here.

Buy a pair of cowboy boots at Allens Boots

Allens Boots had been selling leather footwear since 1977 from their shop on South Congress Ave. They sell premium cowboy boots that are famous to locals and tourists alike. Don’t let the smell of leather entice you, or inevitably you’ll end up buying not just one pair of boots from their multiple aisles of leather footwear. If you’re looking for a red studded men’s boot or a blue women’s boot, just ask someone from the store, and surely they’ll come up with something you’ll end up buying.

Visit Bullock Museum and relive history

Texas is rich in influence and history, from the Alamo to the Kennedy Assassination. Also, did you know that Texas was a country? Yup, Texas was previously known as the Republic of Texas. Visit the museum to find out four centuries worth of history, uncover its past with its abundant artifacts and shipwreck displays.

Eat tacos for breakfast at Veracruz All Natural

From the trailer to a restaurant, this taco joint serves tacos with fresh and natural ingredients. Eat their famous breakfast tacos, tortilla chips, Pico de Gallo, avocado and cheese, then chase the meal down with fresh juices to complete the menu. Admittedly, this taco joint is not your usual Mexican fix.

Drink beer and watch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse

Watch the hottest blockbuster on the silver screen while drinking draft beer and eating Texan style food at the most famous movie house in Austin. Now with five locations in Austin, make sure not to pass out on this one of a kind experience.

Cool down at Barton Springs

Take a swim at the heart of Austin’s Zilker Park; It’s a three-acre pool with water from underground springs. The water at Barton Springs is a constant 70 degrees all year-round, making it famous for Austinites and tourists alike. During the summer, crowds of people come to take a dip into the pool, and it’s best if you arrive early morning to avoid the flock of people.

Balcones Canyonlands for nature lovers

A quick 25-mile ride from downtown Austin, Balcones Canyonlands Preserve is a protected area for endangered species. However, picnic tables and hiking trails are available within the preserve. The centerpiece of it is the Hamilton Pool, it’s a natural pool created thousands of years ago by a collapsing underground river. Nature lovers will surely awe at the limestone outcroppings veiled by ferns and stalactites.

Instagram ready Laguna Gloria

Get your camera’s and Instagram filters ready for this sculpture park in Austin. Laguna Gloria is a nature reserve managed by Austin’s Contemporary Art Museum, it has an exceptional collection of outdoor art by famous artists like Tom Friedman or Tom Sachs. Make sure to visit this one of a kind museum to quench your thirst for creativity.

Drink to your heart’s desire at Jester King Brewery

Jester King has been making unique ales with its own farmhouse style since 2010. Beer enthusiasts both local and foreign visits their Hill Country brewery every weekend for tours and pours of seasonal and handpicked beers.

Dance two-step with locals at the Broken Spoke

Be a Texan and dance two-step to live country music at the Broken Spore. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a dancer, just tap those toes. While dancing can leave you thirsty and hungry, make sure to drink a cold bottle of Lone Star and chow on the famous chicken-fried steaks of Broken Spoke.

Sunsets on Comanche Trail

See the spectacular sunset at the historic Oasis restaurant. The restaurant is also famous for their house margaritas and salsa dances on Sundays. They serve an array of Texan and Mexican menu paired with incredible live music on their spacious open-air property.

Closing thoughts

Eat and drink to your heart’s desire and party till you drop at Austin’s famous festivals. Make sure to do these things when you visit Austin and feel the Texan ways of fun.

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